Harry Styles: These 10 songs shaped his career – and you should be familiar with them too

Here are Harry Styles’ top 10 must-lists.

Platz 10: You’re Still The One (Cover)

In numbers: 2.8 million views on YouTube

Styles first performed this ballad by Shania Twain in 2018 during his first tour as a solo artist. At a concert in New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden, the singer re-imagined the late ’90s hit as a duet, backed by country music star Kacey Musgraves. In April 2022, things came full circle at the Coachella festival when Shania Twain herself joined Styles on stage to perform “Man! I feel like a Woman” and “You’re still the One” to sing with him – one of the big highlights of the music event.


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Platz 9: Stockholm Syndrome (FOUR)

In numbers: 152 million views on Spotify; 33 million views on YouTube

Most of the songs Styles recorded and performed with the band One Direction were written by hitmakers: songwriters trained to pair poppy anthems with lyrics that leave plenty of room for interpretation. However, with each album the five-piece (later four-piece) group released, the proportion of songs Styles and his colleagues had helped create increased. “Stockholm Syndrome,” a track that appeared on the band’s penultimate album, was Style’s first truly major contribution as a songwriter, but was never released as a single. However, if you listen to the song today, you can clearly hear the now-unmistakable sound of solo artist Harry Styles in it. (Also interesting: Music on hold: The real reason why the music on hold is so annoying)