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Harry wants to publish memoirs – without asking the Queen

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Prince Harry writes memoirs and takes his family by surprise

Prince Harry wants to publish memoirs

Prince Harry wants to publish memoirs

Prince Harry wants to publish his memoirs at the end of 2022: This is announced by the New York book publisher Penguin Random House. In the book, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II wants to reveal mistakes and lessons from his life.

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Prince Harry wants to publish his memoir. He did not ask permission from the Queen. This is how the royals react to Harry’s plan.

The Angels. The wounds that Prince Harry (36) and Herzogin Meghan (39) have struck against the royal family with their allegations are deep. Yet a door remained open to the renegade prince and his wife. The joint appearance of the quarreling brothers Harry and William (39) at the unveiling of the monument in honor of their mother Diana who died in an accident was a signal: You are still a family.

But now Harry steps up. On Monday he announced his memoirs want to publish. He did not get permission from the Queen (95) for this. Instead, he presented his family with a fait accompli shortly before his official announcement.

Harry’s Memoir: The Queen Did Not Ask For Permission

The prince talked about his plans in private, the request for permission was not part of these conversations, it is now also said in one Palast-Statement, behind whose dry lines hides the Queen’s renewed disappointment.

Further questions could only be answered by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, it is said. Harry’s spokesman confirmed that it was private conversations with the family about the book and a permit was not necessary.

His father Prinz Charles According to the British media, (72) was “surprised” by the announced book, but did not show anything on Wednesday when he went to school in Cornwall. “What kind of revelation book?” He answered unsuspectingly to a reporter question.

Harry and Meghan turn their royal life into money

Overall, they would have Senior-Royals reacts with a big sigh to the recent prank of the New Californian, writes the “Times”. A source from the palace told the newspaper that they were “tired of being annoyed with Harry and Meghan over and over again.”

The couple who broke out of their royal duties after the “Megxit” in early 2020 “did everything in the past 18 months that they promised the Queen not to do – her cannibalize royal life and make money, for example. It’s sad and predictable at the same time. “

$ 20 million advance The New York publisher Penguin Random House is said to have paid Prince Harry to “share the experiences, adventures, losses and lessons that shaped him”, according to the press release. The sum is enormous, even for authors of these celebrities. Barack and Michelle Obama hold the record with the same publisher, each with $ 30 million.

The publisher expects revelations

Harry wants his proceeds donate. To what extent this also meant the advance payment remained unclear. The book will be published at the end of 2022, in time for the Christmas business.

“I’m not writing this as the prince I was born to be, but as the man I became,” Harry explained in a note. In his American exile, the prince got into the idea that he was one Self-made celebrity, writes Royal columnist Harry Mount in the Daily Telegraph. “But if his name was Harry Smith and if he had founded a start-up in Los Angeles as a Briton, no publisher would be interested in his story.”


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