Hartwig Seeler: In the labyrinth of revenge

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Actually, the private detective Hartwig Seeler (Matthias Koeberlin) no longer want to accept orders that take him abroad. Especially not this one, as he is supposed to go to the Greek coastal town of Kardamili of all places, where he spent his last vacation with his wife Maria (Dagny Dewath) before her tragic accidental death. Nevertheless, he allows himself to be persuaded by the businessman Robert Gärtner (Christian Heiner Wolf) hire whose brother is said to have disappeared in Kardamili. And so he sets off and soon follows a first lead. A photo shows the disappeared together with the vacationer Sarah (Petra Michelle Nerette). But she claims that she doesn’t even know the man and that the photo must be fake. Is she hiding something or is there more to the story?

For the love of trauma

Virtually countless crime series are produced by public television. For good reason, as there are usually several million people tuning in regularly. Still, there’s no harm in doing something of your own, be it in terms of scenario, tonality or characters, to somehow stand out in the sea of ​​new releases. In the ARD-Production Hartwig Seeler an attempt was made to do this through a more psychological orientation. Either Dangerous Memory as well as A new life deal extensively with trauma that the characters carry around with them. at In the labyrinth of revenge is no different, the third part.

At first it looks as if things could be different this time. When the title hero ends up in the small Greek town, the audience at home can puzzle hard in front of the television. What happened to the client’s brother? And what about Maria, who insists that she doesn’t even know the man? Hartwig Seeler: In the labyrinth of revenge differs from the usual detective stories in that it is mostly about finding the right suspect among several suspects. This is more of one of those mystery thrillers where you don’t even know what the point is and it turns out that everything was different and the main character got into some really nasty stuff.

Weak ending with potential for frustration

Basically, that’s not wrong. Something like that can be fun, enough films have proven it so far. But the principle is not a sure-fire success, the resolution should be good. And it failed right there Hartwig Seeler: In the labyrinth of revenge. That director and screenwriter Johannes Fabrick (Heart of Winter – Death on a cold night) resumes his tendency to constantly incorporate some clumsy flashbacks of his protagonist in the third part, was to be expected. Especially when it ends up in a place that is closely connected to the trauma. But the way he brings these flashbacks to a conclusion is as ridiculous and far-fetched as if it were taken from a pulp novel.

The viewers who have remained loyal to the series so far will probably be more bothered by the subsequent end, which was unexpectedly left open. Since a fourth part has not yet been announced, this is a daring decision. After all: For the eye offers Hartwig Seeler: In the labyrinth of revenge a lot. The setting of the Greek coastal town is so idyllic that you would like to pack your bags and jet off right away. Similar to various other series in the first, the film combines a holiday mood and a thriller. In principle, the concept is not bad. Unfortunately, as with most other works of this kind, this is too unbalanced here when a heavenly packaging is opposed to a mediocre content.


OT: “Hartwig Seeler: In the labyrinth of revenge”
Land: Deutschland
Year: 2022
Director: Johannes Fabrick
Script: Johannes Fabrick
Music: Manu Kurz
Camera: Helmut Pirnat
Occupation: Matthias Koeberlin, Petra Michelle Nérette, Hendrik Heutmann, Dagny Dewath, Lasse Myhr, Kerem Can

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