harvest time for the airport vineyard

Bordeaux, city of wine: a reputation that is verified in the smallest details since even the airport has its vineyard! The 15 ares of vines were planted in 1996 in front of hall B: each year, the harvest takes place symbolically.

The Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry has invited business leaders from Gironde this year for an original harvest. The cuvée, called Croix de Guyenne, cannot be marketed because it does not come from a château. It is simply used by the airport and the CCI.

Small detail, the grape from the airport is not the one used to make the Croix de Guyenne cuvée: since it does not meet all the standards, it is simply harvested. Some people nickname the fruits “kerosene grapes”, but it is above all a question of quantity (too low) and of treatment (the grape is organic, regularly attacked by insects, etc.).

It is therefore plots of the Domaine de Chevalier, operated by Olivier Bernard, which are used to make the 1,200 bottles produced each year. They are composed of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 60% Merlot, under the appellation “Bordeaux”.

If the name “Croix de Guyenne” was chosen, it is also in reference to the shape made by the runways at Bordeaux airport. The coordinates of this particular vineyard are also indicated: BOD for Bordeaux, followed by 44.49 43N and 00.42 45W, practically at the crossroads of the 45th parallel and the Greenwich Meridian.