Harvests in Cubiro are lost due to lack of fuel :: La Prensa de Lara

Daimar Diaz | LARA’S PRESS.- A month and a half without seeing the gasoline gandola circulate through the Diego de Lozada parish It caused the annoyance of the Cuban people, who decided to move to Barquisimeto and demand the dispatch of fuel in the locality from the government.

A group of at least 170 people mobilized to the city while the rest of the residents remained exercising street actions in the town as a measure of pressure due to the lack of fuel and failures in basic services.

Producers are one of the parts of the population most affected, as the lack of fuel has caused them to lose at least 70% of their crops, returning uphill to re-sow their crops.

César Barrios, a farmer in the area, commented that by not being able to transfer his items to the different sales places, he lost an approximate of a thousand kilos of onion, tying it by hand for a future harvest, because having so much loss he does not have the resources to reinvest in seeds.

“I lost 70% of my harvest, it was 4 thousand kilos of onions that were damaged by not having a way to bring them to Barquisimeto because gasoline does not arrive in the upper area of ​​Cubiro,” said Barrio.

The inhabitants of the Diego de Lozada parish denounced that for Quíbor fuel arrives, however it is impossible for them to supply it, since the 30 liters they equip would be spent returning to the parish.

It is not so constant, but in Quibor gasoline does arrive, while for the upper part the gandola and the tanks of our dry vehicles were not seen again because we do not have how to pay for the bad gasoline“said Enmanuel Rodríguez, a resident of Cubiro, who added that in the town the cost of gasoline sold is $ 3 per liter.

The protesters were received in the governorate where they were promised that in the next few days they will have fuel at the Cubiro service station.



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