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Harvey Weinstein fingers a woman who accuses him of rape

Hours ago, parts of a video were published in which American film producer Harvey Weinstein caresses and insinuates Melissa Thompson, a woman who accused him of rape. Thompson, who sued Weinstein last June, recorded the episode in 2011, while both were talking in an office in New York City, AP reported. In the images, which show an indeterminate room, the film producer makes a business proposal to Thompson. At the moment of greeting her, instead of shaking her hand, she prefers to hold her and touch her back. Then he caresses his shoulder and they both sit in front of a computer. According to the young woman, the producer put a hand on his leg. The video, which only captures the two characters from the waist up, does not show Weinstein's hands at that moment, but Thompson reacts with discomfort. In some sections of the dialogue that follows, Weinstein makes unseemly proposals, to which the lady refuses. The producer stops insisting, but at one point he is seen repeatedly stroking Melissa's arm. "There's nothing forceful" While the women's supporters shared parts of the recording with the media, Weinstein's lawyer, Ben Brafman, assured that the full video "shows that there is nothing forceful" and reflects only an "informal flirtation" between both parties. "[El video] It was produced by Miss Thompson to strengthen her position in a civil lawsuit in search of money. This is another attempt to publicly dishonor Mr. Weinstein for his financial gains, "Brafman said. For his part, Thomson says that hours later, that same day, they both met again at the bar of a nearby hotel, where they were supposed to go. To close a commercial deal, she says, Weinstein took her to a room and raped her.



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