LOS ANGELES (AFP) – "The story sounds so good that I want to buy the rights for the film": Harvey Weinstein reacted with that arrogance to the New York Times article that a year ago dismantled his sexual abuse empire. He had no idea of ​​the magnitude that this story would have published on October 5. Five days later, the magazine The New Yorker added fuel to the fire with forceful denunciations of rape, going back decades. Thus the accusations multiplied against who was called a "monster". Women, including great Hollywood stars, came out from the shadows to share his painful experience with this man who was considered a god in the industry, with the power to build or destroy careers in the world of entertainment. And he made sure that his victims knew it to force them to shut up. Ashley Judd , Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Beckinsale, Uma Thurman and Salma Hayek have accused him of different aggressions, from sexual harassment to rape, such as Asia Argento, Lucia Evans, Rose McGowan and Paz de la Huerta. Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd assure that he ended his races for not accessing his insinuations .- "Not guilty" – Until now only has been charged before the courts of having sexually assaulted three women. Weinstein, 66, declared himself "not guilty." If he is tried and found guilty, he can be sentenced to life imprisonment. Hollywood has already condemned him. He was expelled from the United States Film Academy and The Weinstein Company (TWC), the studio he founded with his brother Bob and which won 75 awards. Oscar, ended in bankruptcy and sold to an investment fund. His marriage to fashion designer Georgina Chapman, with whom he had two of his five children, also ended. And from the ashes of the empire built by that boy from Queens, they were born movements like #MeToo and Time's Up and a cultural change of attitude towards this type of behavior, not only in Hollywood but in politics: the process to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States is the best example. The revelations against him also uncovered a pot that splashed celebrities such as the actors Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman, and more recently the former president of CBS television Leslie Moonves.- In a bathrobe -Harvey We instein is no longer the "sheriff of this disgusting city without law" called Hollywood, as he used to be called. Now he appears handcuffed in the court of New York where the cameras follow him with the same frenzy of his parades in the red carpets of the show. He's a heavyset 100 kilos guy, a little intimidating. It is defended by Benjamin Brafman, famous for representing celebrities, politicians and even members of the mafia. But he no longer has the power that allowed him to quote actresses in hotel rooms, where he received them barely covered with a bathrobe and invited to give or receive massages as they saw him masturbate. In November, after the scandal broke out, he went to a rehabilitation center to treat his addiction to sex and asked for a second chance, which all indications he will never receive. The machine he built to facilitate access to his dams, and spies and accomplices to buy silences, finally went out. He is left with the Oscar he won as producer of "Shakespeare in love" and the memories of decades of flattery, power, influence. He was also recognized for his contributions in campaigns against AIDS, juvenile diabetes and multiple sclerosis. He also made donations to the Democratic Party, including the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. – Passion of the father – Bob and Harvey Weinstein produced concerts before founding their first Miramax studio in 1979, which they sold to Disney in 1993. The name is the combination from his mother Miriam – who worked as a receptionist when the studio was born in principle to distribute independent films – and his father Max, a diamond cutter and lover of the seventh art, who instilled that passion in the two boys. Harvey's favorite films are "Lights of the city" with Charles Chaplin and "Fasting of love". After Miramax, came the TWC, which they founded in 2005 and which Lantern Capital bought for 289 million dollars. "Chicago", "The English patient", " The artist "," The King's speech "are some of the films that came from his hand to the glory of the Oscar. The work of the New York Times that unmasked him earned him the Pulitzer Prize to journalists Jodi Kantor and Megan T wohey, which they shared with Ronan Farrow of the New Yorker. And the film about Weinstein's abuse, the one that was "so good" that he wanted the rights, is going to be done … only he will not be the producer, but Brad Pitt .
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