has 85 children and got paid to father them

Ari Nagel, 45, started his career as a sperm donor a few years ago, and in Israel. In that country, it helped several women to procreate, and it did so through the usual system in such cases: donation to a sperm bank that guarantees that there is no contact or information crossing between donor and recipient.

However, the business was soon over, and it was for two reasons. In the first place, the country’s regulations limit the amount of donations that each man can make, as a way to avoid a possible genetic impoverishment in the same community, and the risk that, over time, couples of people who are related will form. and they ignore it.

Second, word had somehow gotten around that Nagel – a math teacher, handsome and seemingly coveted by the ladies – was making donations. As reported Clarion, several women showed up at fertilization clinics asking for the teacher’s sperm, something that goes against all the rules and that caused them to be permanently deleted from the donor system.

The son of an Orthodox Jewish family and a former yeshiva student in Brooklyn (Jewish House of Study), Nagel now lives in New York and spends his time teaching at the university, maintaining contact – telephone or personal – with his many children, and donating his sperm. This last activity has placed him in the middle of a controversy, because many of these donations are in the “traditional” way and because he charges for it. And apparently it is not cheap.

Nagel explains that his career began about thirteen years ago “to give a hand to a girl.”

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“I helped two women almost simultaneously, both in Manhattan, an African-American lesbian and an Orthodox Jew who couldn’t find a partner. Now, the children are thirteen years old, they live two blocks from each other, and they are from such different mothers. … “, he relates.

The teacher assures that his family – Orthodox Jews – is ashamed of what he does and would prefer that he “settle down and have a traditional marriage.”

But he assures that it is “impossible” and does not plan to stop: “My heart tells me to continue. I know and feel that I am doing the right thing. If what I did was wrong, it would not feel so good,” he says.

Nagel says she often meets with her biological children for group play, stressing how important it is that they meet their biological siblings.

Many of the mothers in the United States have become friends with each other, and Nagel travels and visits, within their country and abroad, his very extended family. Women cover all expenses, according to the aforementioned medium.

“In August 2018 an African-American mother gave birth to a baby of mine in prison, days later one was born in Taiwan and on Yom Kippur (Jewish Atonement Day) two were born in Israel: they are all the same age and I am the father But one is black, the other Chinese and two white, one is Catholic, the other Buddhist and the other Jews, each from a different continent, “says Nagel.

“I wanted to have twelve sons, like Yacob, and I thought to stop then … but I did not stop,” he admits, adding that he also believes in a new type of family.

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Yair Cymerman, co-director of a documentary on Nagel, describes the professor’s method of work:
“He is always equipped with a kit: an ovulation test, a sterilized container, his genetic information and information on sexually transmitted diseases and sperm count, because it is in high demand and can be requested anywhere. He is very compliant and has a great sense of duty. “

The problem is that Nagel is in a relationship with a woman with whom he has three children. And when you are going to do an insemination, if there is chemistry with the recipient woman, that affinity leads to several copulations

Of the 85 children she helped conceive and of the 20 who are on the way, at least 40 were conceived through intercourse.

When asked about it, his wife offers a frank answer: “I don’t like what Nagel does very much, but it allows us a good entrance of money.”