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Rewrite this content – After half a year, he is whining again, and he is once again pointing the finger at all the clubs he has played for. Now he is making himself unpopular again, and that is the reason why many of us hope he will be a flop, says Roar Åkerlund, chairman of the supporter group Vikinghordene, to NRK. It was on Tuesday that Molde could confirm that Veton Berisha is ready for the club after a short stay in Swedish Hammarby. TV 2 claims that the transfer fee is a total of NOK 37 million. Berisha left Viking as recently as this summer, and the fact that he is returning to Norwegian football and to a competitor causes many to thunder. – Has behaved like a “rauhål” It is not necessarily the transfer to Molde itself that makes Åkerlund angry. It is the behavior of the former Viking profile that he reacts to. In front of TV 2, the supporter manager calls him a “club whore”, i.e. a player who changes clubs frequently. – Club whores have been used for years. When you go from club to club, you are a club whore. I think he is when he has behaved like a “rauhål” in three clubs and is pushing for a transfer. He, the agents and the clubs have filled their wallets well with this scheme, says Åkerlund. REACTS: Roar Åkerlund is not gracious in his criticism of Veton Berisha. Photo: Private – For us supporters this is secondary, because all supporters dislike the way he behaves. Then he has to endure hearing criticism, he says further. NRK has been in contact with Berisha, who does not want to comment on the criticism. The native of Rogal, however, spoke about the transition to the blue shirts when the club change was confirmed on Tuesday. – First of all, it is the interest that Molde and Erling (Moe) have shown for me to play here. After all, it is a top club in Norway that is fighting for titles and in Europe, Berisha told NRK. FORMER HERO: Veton Berisha was a key player for Viking until he left for Hammarby in the summer of 2022. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Kristjansson sees red It is not only Åkerlund who reacts strongly to the transition. One of Norway’s most high-profile Viking supporters and Rødt politician Mimir Kristjansson shakes his head at the former supporter favourite. The politician says he has to do some breathing exercises before conducting an interview about the controversial transition. – I get nauseous, quite simply. It is not that he goes to Molde, but it is about the way it is done. Everyone changes clubs during their life, that’s how it is. They want to make money and I understand that. Berisha doesn’t have many years left in his career, so that he wants to make the most of it is one thing, says Kristjansson and continues: – He left Viking (in 2015) without the club getting anything in particular for him. He then went to Brann and was forgiven despite what he did. Now he has whined his way out of Brann, was good for Viking, whined his way to Hammarby and whined his way out of that club too, the politician points out. VIKING SUPPORTERS: Red politician Mimir Kristjansson. Photo: Red He believes the transfer to the league champion shows that the money is important to him, and he believes there were other ways out, for example staying in Hammarby for longer than six months. He points out that there is a lot of emotion in Stavanger related to this transition. – The Viking fans have allowed him to go abroad twice, but when he comes back to Norway for the second time when he says Viking is the club in his heart, then it gets a bit violent. We have to live with players who come and go, but he has taken it to the extreme, says Kristjansson. Could be a violent pipe concert NRK’s ​​football expert and Viking player Kristoffer Løkberg can understand the disappointment and anger among the supporters. – I think he is aware of the criticism himself as well. He knows that there are advantages and disadvantages to all club changes in football. He makes his choices based on what is right for him, so he almost gets to answer why himself, says Løkberg. FORMER TEAMMATES: Kristoffer Løkberg (number 24) and Veton Berisha. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB He does not think that the criticism falls so hard on his former team-mate, and points out that there could be various reasons why such a transfer is carried out. – What you want as a supporter are players who know the love for the kit and the club that you do yourself. When it is not reflected in action, I understand that it hurts, says NRK’s ​​football expert. On Sunday 4 June, Berisha can return to his former home ground in Stavanger, and it is questionable whether the reception will be particularly good. – I think that will be a new record for a pipe concert, says Åkerlund. He says that there is nothing major planned for Berisha for the time being. – We don’t spend a lot of energy on it, but it will be a pipe concert that doesn’t resemble the pig. Kristjansson envisions several different scenarios. – I think he will get a warm reception, but we will see what happens. One option is to ignore it or the other is to create a raging hell. My suggestion is to make songs about Valon Berisha, because he is a man we love.
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