Confidential documents available to the SWR are intended to prove that the automaker has also manipulated exhaust emissions in its new diesel engines. Still VW denies the allegations.

VW should also diesel engines that comply with the emission standard Euro 6, have also manipulated with a shutdown software. Above all, the diesel engine EA 288 is affected. This is the result of a report by SWR.

Illegal software in use since 2012

Manipulated exhaust tests were first noticed on the EA 189 diesel engine. An integrated shutdown software detected if the Vehicle is currently undergoing an exhaust test (Cycle detection) or it is a "normal" use. In the first case, the exhaust gas purification is increased, so that the output values ​​are better.

The affected engine type has been installed since 2012, among others in the VW models Golf, Passat and Tiguan and in some Audi and Skoda vehicles. Although the successor model of the manipulated diesel engine, the EA 288, was officially no longer equipped with the illegal defeat device. Confidential documents available to the SWR, however, now prove the opposite.

VW denies allegations

The VW Group denies the manipulation allegations against the SWR: Vehicles with the diesel engine EA 288, according to the currently valid EU6 exhaust emission standard in EU 28, contained no software with which the performance of an exhaust gas test could be detected. This would also confirm measurements. Specifically to the data contained in the document, the automaker did not comment, because they are confidential, it goes on.

Also to the news agency dpa The automaker denied the procedure, According to the current state, "nothing illegal has happened," says a VW spokesman.

According to the report, however, the confidential documents state: "Use and detection of the … NEDC in order to initiate the switchover of the raw emission statement by route." The New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) is a standard value for the fuel consumption and emissions of a vehicle. It is determined in a procedure required by the EU by law.

Experts also assume illegal software for Euro 6 engines

The transmitter submitted the confidential documents to the exhaust gas expert Alexander Friedrich. Cycle detection in the papers … are all indications that a defeat device has been integrated – and this is illegal, he explains. Friedrich worked as a consultant in the diesel investigation committee of the Bundestag.

A lawsuit on possible manipulated exhaust emissions even with the VW engine EA 288 is already running. However, the report is still pending and should be available in several months.

Shutdown software since 2015 also in new engines

Shortly after the announcement of the VW exhaust gas scandal with the engine EA 189 in 2015, the suspicion arose that even the newer EA 288 engine could be affected by manipulation. Even then came VW "after thorough examination" to the conclusion that in both EA-288 variants – with Euro 6 and the earlier emission standard Euro 5 – "no software is installed, which constitutes an inadmissible defeat device in the sense of legislation". In the internal documents, which are also from the year 2015, however, will be described in detail how the "cycle detection" in the EA 288 work, reports the SWR.

When four years ago in the US revealed exhaust affair, which has already cost the VW Group many billions of euros, it is purely technically that a VW software detects that the car is tested on exhaust gas test stands. The settings are then changed so that the guideline values ​​are reached. Outside on the street in everyday life, the values ​​are higher, and the data from the laboratory situation are clearly exceeded.

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