Has the most advanced luxury SUV of all time arrived?

Land Rover did not deviate from the usual design world when it created the fifth generation of the Range Rover. The fresh MLA-Flex platform provides the basis for this, and this means flexible scalability: the Range Rover has previously been available with two wheelbases, but the extended version is now available in a seven-person version, which is a novelty.

An even bigger novelty is that the model will also be available with a purely electric powertrain, although this will only arrive in 2024. Until then, two types of plug-in hybrids as well as conventional internal combustion engines (petrol with mild hybrid system, dies with or without optional) provide the offer. The top-of-the-line V8 comes with automatic transmission as standard, accelerating to 100 km / h in up to 4.6 seconds.

Has the most advanced luxury SUV of all time arrived?  2

The 105 kW electric motor of the plug-in hybrids is housed in the transmission. For the time being, the factory is communicating the data for a larger powertrain with 510 horsepower: it impresses with CO2 emissions of less than 30 g / km, a purely electric range of more than 100 kilometers and a top electric speed of 140 km / h. The battery with a usable capacity of 31.8 kWh can be charged with a maximum of 50 kW, in which case we can achieve a charge of 80% from zero in less than an hour.

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An important novelty is the Range Rover SV, which is the new collective name for the specially designed Range Rovers. The top designs, distinguished by the ceramic SV logo, are available in two themes (SV Serenity and SV Intrepid), as well as an extra-demanding four-seater SV Signature Suite – the latter with 44 mm increased rear legroom, 24-way motorized rear massage chairs, electrically adjustable tables received other delicacies.

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The opposite pole is the seven-person design. The installation of the third row of seats was made possible by the fact that the wheelbase of the new generation model was already 75 mm longer than its predecessor model; this is complemented by a 200 mm wheelbase extension in the extended version. With a motorized opening and closing, heated third-row seats higher than the second row, 864 mm of foot space awaits passengers – this sounds like enough on paper to allow even adults to travel comfortably here. If we put children here, the second row of seats can be pushed back 50 mm, so there will be even more space there.

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Although the Range Rover is strong in hardware, it really earns recognition for its features. The 1600-watt Meridian Signature audio system offers active noise attenuation through 34 speakers (eight of which are built into the primary headrests). The particularly effective air purification system keeps SARS-CoV-2 viruses away from the interior, among other things, and the second row of seats has its own filter.

The Range Rover is still air-suspended, but this time it has been coordinated with the navigation system and the active steering-assisted adaptive cruise control, ie it is able to adapt in advance to the changes associated with cornering and braking. Also new is the active cornering stabilizer connected to the 48 V system, which keeps the body straight even in the field.

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The doors are opened and closed by motors, which is not new in itself, but from now on, anti-collision sensors stop the movement of the door and window if, for example, a bicycle or car endangers the exit. Another novelty is that the system also works in the field, it keeps and moves the doors even in the event of a 10-degree tilt and longitudinal tilt.

The horizontal division of the boot lid has been retained and the boot floor is available in a particularly variable design: one segment can be tilted forwards or backwards, in the former it serves as a space divider, in the latter as a backrest if we sit on the downward opening half of the boot lid. If we sit here often, we can make the bench more comfortable with additional lighting, speakers and pillows.

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By the way, the luggage compartment: the five-seater versions have been given an automatically movable luggage compartment cover, which disappears automatically when the upper wing of the rear door is opened. The capacity is also 312 liters with seven seats, if both rear rows are folded down, we can manage 2.6 cubic meters. If five are traveling in the Range Rover, both wheelbase models have more than 700 liters of trunk.

The Range Rover also puts itself digitally. The touch-sensitive central display is 13.1 inches and the instrument cluster is 13.7 inches; rear passengers can operate their own surcharge entertainment system on 11.4-inch screens. If we ask for a four-seater luxury version, we also get a fifth screen: it’s 8-inch, housed in the rear armrest, and is used to control seat functions.

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Maneuvering is aided by a remote parking function, 360-degree panoramic lighting covering the entire car’s surroundings and, of course, an adaptive headlight; the latter can obscure up to sixteen objects (pedestrians, animals, cars) at a time, while illuminating the road for up to 500 meters.

Active rear differential lock, 50 percent increased torsional strength, 900 mm wading depth and favorable terrain angles (34.7 ° front, 29 ° rear) help you advance. Also an important novelty is the active rear-wheel steering, which is able to turn the rear wheels in a relatively large range of 7.3 degrees, thanks to which the turning circle of the short-wheelbase variant has been reduced to less than 11 meters.

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Refrigerator under the front armrest

In the field, the ground clearance can be increased by 75 + 60 mm thanks to the air suspension – the former is suitable for continuous travel, the latter is only suitable for slow maneuvering. All-wheel drive with intelligently controlled, road-active rear torque vector control helps ensure stable cornering.

Towing is an important consideration for Range Rover customers: camera-controlled assist systems and a motorized fold-out towbar make it easier to maneuver, with a maximum towable weight of up to 3.5 tonnes.

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Range Rover’s next-generation, electronically controlled braking system uses a world first: active brake cooling, which delivers cooling air to the brakes only when needed. This reduces air resistance by up to 6%.