Has the site radar of the A57 located east of Toulon gone crazy?

Installed and “connected” since Monday, September 20 on the A57 east of Toulon, just before exit 2 (La Palasse), the site radar is located on a section where the speed is limited to 70 km / h.

Since the start of the week, however, testimonies from motorists claiming to have been flashed (from the front) while driving below this speed have multiplied.

I got flashed at 60 “, indignant for example David, a motorist-Net surfer who immediately shared his misadventure on the social networks. On the reference site radars-auto.com, identical stories multiply.

The flash would fire as soon as a car exceeds 50 km / h, according to motorists

According to the observations of the many users of the A57, the flash would go off as soon as a car exceeds 50 km / h. Incomprehensible and scandalous for motorists who know that this kind of souvenir photo results in a fine of 135 euros and the withdrawal of a license point (if the authorities consider that the speed limit is less than 20 km / h on a portion where the maximum authorized speed is equal to 50km / k).

Since the beginning of September, in this direction, there has in fact been a small section of some 300 meters, near Sainte-Musse, where the speed is well limited to 50, due to the change of traffic lane (In the direction Toulon-Nice , users take the routes initially planned for the other direction, while those going to Toulon take a temporary bridge). “But the 50km / h limit sign is located after the radar!“the victims of the crazy radar are cursing in chorus.

No anomaly according to the prefecture

Questioned, the prefecture nevertheless ensures that the radar is good “ configured for 70km / h“and states that” after verifications with CACIR (Automated Center for the Observation of Traffic Infractions, editor’s note), who installs and adjusts the radar, there is no anomaly noted to date “.

It would not be surprising if there is one that goes up soon … Remember that since the end of June, another site radar has been installed in the direction Nice-Toulon at exit 5 (La Bigue). It flashes from the rear beyond 70km / h.

Apart from the two detour sections at Sainte-Musse (limited to 50km / h), the speed is limited to 70km / h over the entire work area (from the Toulon tunnel to the Pierre Ronde interchange).