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Has Tiger Woods made the biggest comeback in the history of the sport?

Tiger Woods celebrates his victory with Augusta on April 14, 2019 with his Caddy. – Atlanta Journal-Constitution / TNS / SIPA

  • Tiger Woods won his 15th Grand Slam title on Sunday in Augusta.
  • The American, slowed by injuries and personal concerns, had not won a major title since 2008.
  • His victory is one of the most breathtaking achievements in sports history.

We love the sport of golf and the sweater on the shoulders in every season, when the shell is stamped. The world has not been the same since Sunday night. Twenty-two years after the planet's return as the first African American to win the Augusta Masters, even though the site owner once said, "In his lifetime, players were always white and their black caddies Tiger Woods found that green jacket that way His 15th Grand Slam title, the first since 2008 and a decade marked by a descent into the abyss of hell that was not released for an athlete of this caliber.

It sounds like the biggest comeback of all time? It's easy to be won over by the superlatives to the euphoria of the event, but to plunge back into the bowels of Wikipedia, who can sit at the table of the tiger?

There is a precedent Michael Jordan, but how do you compare that to Tiger Woods? MJ was 30 when he decided he was tired of the game, but he was in his zenith and came back two years later as if nothing had happened. His second attempt with Washington at the age of 40 was more a farewell tour than anything else.

Rest Boxing, which is full of people who are literally dented. Foreman, world champion at the age of 45, ten years after first putting on gloves, and especially Mohamed Ali, perhaps the only one who could keep up with Woods. He was also exposed to the anger of part of the public (because he refused to fight in Vietnam). The myth will have to wait four years to get its license and four more years
Foreman in Kinschasa to overthrow. The athletic challenge was huge for an aging Ali (32 years) against an invincible boxer (Foreman had never lost, even signed 37 KOs in 40 fights), but another drawback: Ali's body responded perfectly to the difference of the tiger.

The fall of a human

Let's remember where the former number 1 of the world came from, with a quote from Jeff Benedict, author of an indispensable biography of the character. We interviewed him in September 20 minutes:

No athlete in history has suffered such public humiliation and harassment of the tabloid press. The way he got up is a miracle. "

References to the dizzying stigma of the idol, exactly comprehensible. First the car accident in the garden of his property in Florida, which in December 2009 caused all sorts of rumors. This is actually the beginning of the end of his marriage to the mother of his children, who has just discovered her husband's multiple infidelity. The scandal will force Woods to publicly wince in a confession of remorse, as only Puritan America knows how to do it. The richest athlete in the world, dropped one by one by his sponsors, will then integrate
a sexual rehabilitation center.

The case of the athlete

Tiger Woods, who was cut short by his personal problems, will physically bottom after a recent victory won at the US Open in the summer of 2008. Exhausted from hours and hours of bodybuilding and exercise practices … since the age of two, the tiger's body has been fleeing everywhere, making everyday life impossible. And the man who confessed after his victory on Sunday:

I myself had serious doubts about what happened two years ago. My children have seen how much golf has damaged their father. I could barely walk, not even sit or lie down. My body is not what it was, but I still have good hands. "

After his fourth surgery, a union of vertebrae in 2017, Woods sees a second career. His first swing movie in September 2017 falls a few hours before the big onslaught of the "Ryder Cup" in Paris a year before the start. The two captains (Bjorn and Furyk) are looking forward to seeing Woods back with a club, but they speak of him as an old friend learning to walk after a serious car accident. We will not offend anybody who says it's unlikely the man will be truly competitive again at the 14 Grand Slams.

The fall of the scarecrow

Undoubtedly the most dazzling in this new victory at Augusta. Tiger is no longer the bodybuilding ruler of his arrival on the tour as he shook the fairways with his hungry, animal beating – a competition that worked for hops rather than dumbbells. Woods changed the game and the next generation copied his professionalism in the preparation and selection of the material. For example, with Bruce Koepka, the horror of the racetrack (still 2nd place yesterday) and his Californian terminator physics, which is able to touch Russia from Augusta's tee # 1 when the wind blows a bit hard.

Woods has long been infused with his person and does not despise his opponents. Now Woods knows the value of every victory. Twenty years ago, he beat a Grand Slam ten times before the pack. On Sunday it was the first time he had won without going out on the morning of the last day. Today's stars never had to live at their best under the rule of Woods. Like the little boys that Federer or Nadal met at the age of 20, they do not feed on any complex. Finally until last Sunday.

It could have happened so much during the last nine holes of this fourth round. There were so many players who could have won. There was a traffic jam in the lead and everyone played well. We could not dream of a firmer finale. I know why I lose my hair (laughs) because it was really hard. Today there are people who can plunge when I was already happy to touch the tire. "

Extension of the reflection that has already caught in this little world. The man in the red shirt including: Can he get the absolute record of Nicklaus (18 titles) and become the greatest golfer of all time? "I was shaking in my boots," joked the man in front of his TV. Remember that Woods is already 43 years old and no one has won an old Grand Slam … since Nicklaus himself was 46, when golf was still a sport that could hold up to 50 river banks. Trampled too much. In 2019? A 61-year-old Bernard Langer, who was invited as a former winner this weekend, finished the race with a +8 card, 21 shots more than the champion.

Nicklaus record in sight

The tiger has become more reasonable and he does not perform torture sessions to carve his caracass, but it is questionable if the armor will last. In September, the 12th World crossed like an old man the Paris Ryder Cup, tired after a summer on the greens. He himself seemed a long way from the recording: "Beat Nicklaus, I do not know if that bothers him, but I'm sure he saw it from home, all I know is that I have a great chance "Still playing golf and winning a major when I first come from behind, it's just amazing."

Rest of the irrational. This unconditional support of the audience, which necessarily relies on its rivals, had to stop or turn over any shouting to celebrate a little miracle of the tiger. This aura of the winner
in Georgia at this hole no. 16 almost completely intact. A delicious approach, almost as beautiful as its signature, which was admired on Youtube in the same location as 2005, and Molinari, the best player of the weekend, who exploded like popcorn, caught up with the myth. Nice to see you again, Tiger.




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