Festivals singer Hassan Shakoush celebrated the top of the song “Bint Al Jeeran”, the trend in the application of the famous songs “Sound Cloud”, as it ranked first in the world in terms of listening, which won great fame in the recent period.

Festivals singer Hassan Shakoush, published a picture from the famous SoundCloud website, and commented: “Praise be to God, the neighbor’s song No. 1 on the world, the Sound.”

Hassan Shakoush

Today, Tuesday, a number of lawyers submitted a communication to the Attorney General, carrying No. 10066 petitions of the Attorney General, to demand an immediate investigation into the crimes committed by the singer Hassan Shakoush (the owner of the girl’s neighbor’s song). ; 278 of the Penal Code, as well as Articles 1; 14 of Law 10 of 1961 and Articles 3; 6 of Law 63 of 1976 banning alcohol, for inviting him from alcohol within his song (Girl’s Neighbors) and making young people keen to use drugs and incitement to debauchery.

The festive singer Hassan Shakoush has achieved great success in the past weeks because of the famous song “Bint Al Jeeran”, which he sang with Omar Kamal, and achieved nearly 100 million views on YouTube. After this success, Shakoush began receiving offers for parties and others, so he searched for permits from the union and officially walked..

Singer Hassan Shakoush had taken the Musicians ’Syndicate to obtain union membership, at the same time Hamu Beca also took the exams, and Hassan Shakush had announced his membership of the Musicians Syndicate amid reports that he received the union’s Karnee..

Immediately after the ceremony of the last stadium, Hani Shaker announced that Hassan Shakoush had violated the principles of society by singing offensive words and his membership would be reviewed in the Syndicate. After that, the great artist Hany Shaker, Captain of Musicians, issued a decision to ban all festivals from working permanently..

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