Hasto Tepis Accusations of Rocky Gerung’s ‘SBY Vs Jokowi’ Scholarship for Turning Data


Rocky Gerung accused the Secretary General of PDIP Hasto Krisiyanto of trying to reverse the data related to the provision of educational scholarships for a comparative study of the leadership of the 6th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Hasto denied Rocky Gerung’s accusations.

“It’s not true, the scholarships given also don’t contain political interests. We learned from Bung Karno’s attitude which emphasized ‘Go to hell with your aid’ when foreign aid wanted to dictate the nation’s sovereignty,” said Hasto when contacted, Saturday (30/10/ 2021).

Hasto said there would be no PDIP interference in the research of the planned scholarship. For this reason, he said that Rocky Gerung’s accusations about twisting the facts were tantamount to questioning the credibility and integrity of well-known universities in Indonesia.

“Their research will be guided by lecturers at the university, so there is no interference from the PDI-P. So if Bung Rocky Gerung accuses the research of distorting facts, then he does not believe in the credibility and integrity of well-known universities. such as UI, UGM, UNAIR, UNPAD, Pelita Harapan University, Oslo University, etc,” he said.

Furthermore, Hasto explained that the purpose of providing scholarships is to strengthen academic traditions in political parties and provide political education. In addition, Hasto said that the provision of comparative leadership scholarships is also intended to further resonate with good leadership in the progress of the nation.

“Scholarships are given to strengthen academic traditions in political parties. What they do is part of political education about the importance of a nation’s leader in terms of character, the process of becoming a leader, the legacy of a leader, and the responsibility of a leader as well as the courage of a leader to take difficult policies, even Even though it feels bitter, it is important for the future of the nation and state,” he explained.

“By providing this scholarship, the discourse on strategic leadership will resonate strongly on campuses, and encourage the importance of ideological leadership based on Pancasila, leadership that understands aspects of change management, risk management, but is able to build a leadership culture for the progress of the nation,” he continued.

Then Hasto also mentioned that good leadership is a fusion of firmness, discipline, consistency, and the ability to inspire. According to him good leadership should not feel the smartest.

“The strategic leadership should not feel the smartest, but must be supported by the character of humility, and building a state government organization, is far more important than self-popularity. In relation to these aspects, objectivity to bring academic truth is very important,” he said.

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