Hate Speech Online: Twitch Joins EU Code of Conduct

Interactive live streaming service Twitch has signed up to the EU code of conduct to combat illegal hate speech online. Věra JourováVice President for Values ​​and Transparency, welcomed the decision: “What is illegal offline must also be illegal online. It’s good news that Twitch is joining our common fight to rid the online space of illegal hate speech. Younger people are particularly vulnerable to hate and abuse, and we owe it to them to make the internet safer for them.” 12 partners now adhere to the code, including Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

The sixth evaluation shows that the code of conduct has already achieved positive results. On average, IT companies reviewed 81 percent of reports within 24 hours and removed 62.5 percent of flagged content.

Twitch also recently joined the Code of Conduct on Disinformation. The code of conduct complements other EU initiatives, such as B. the Digital Services Act. It helps to ensure that hate speech on the Internet can be better tackled across the EU. On Friday, the new, expanded code of conduct to combat disinformation was published.

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Daily News of June 20, 2022

EU code of conduct to combat illegal hate speech online

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