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Hatem party – Release

Hatem is a poem. Before the presentation of the cup, Ben Arfa shakes the hands of the officials. He could dispense with going to the end of the row where the president of the defeated PSG sighs. But, mouth in heart, the neo-Rennais goes to the tormentor who put it to the rigorous stops. Ben Arfa, who smiles constantly, which can ulcerate, reaches out to the one who deprived him of football for eighteen months. Nasser al-Khelaïfi has a recoil. Later, Ben Arfa will teach him the lesson in his own way. He will say : "You must never underestimate your opponent. One day, he comes back and he is stronger. In life, you have to be fair. We must not take people from high. "He added, sententiously, as an old sage that he is certainly not:" We must respect the human. When you respect the human, everything is fine, but when you do not respect it, it does not happen. " And also : "When you give the wrong, you get the wrong one." And when he will end up pretending that"It's not a question of revenge, but only of pride" we will not have to believe it.

Summary of previous episodes. In 2017, Ben Arfa is in trouble with Unai Emery. The PSG coach of the time likes the obedient and hardworking when the attacker is a crazy head with unexplained improvisations. To return to grace, Ben Arfa relies on the support of Al-Khelaïfi who wanted his coming and who appreciates its childish freshness. But nothing happens. Ben Arfa is not concerned with hierarchies and propriety, and is angry at the Emir of Qatar, the giver of financial largesse. On the joke, but in front of Al-Khelaïfi, he complains to the emir of the lack of support of his "missi dominici". Vexed, the manager of the PSG Ben Arfa finally sidelined. Rancunier, the latter prefers to go to the end of his contract even if he continues to polish the bench. He thus deprived the PSG transfer allowance when he joined Rennes where the coveted Olivier Létang, former sports director of … PSG.

Hatem is a phenomenon. Ben Arfa has a confusing and lunatic frankness, an incongruous and joyous inconsistency, a perched innocence that seduces or amazes. Beyond a sporting talent out of norm that he has squandered by lack of consistency but also by lack of political sense, the native of Clamart raises existential questions and is part of it around, at the risk of seeing the pragmatists and the Machiavellian sneer. Do not believe that the guy is a tendon who can not settle his accounts and make change in his room. That's what he just did, loading the boat into another pariah, Adrien Rabiot. Put in irons like Ben Arfa, Rabiot could be in Barcelona and he too would be striving to lose the European ambitions of PSG before going to laugh in the face of Al-Khelaïfi. On Saturday, Ben Arfa did not do sports miracles. He avoided the runaways that stunned his friends PSG who feasted on his good humor and fantasy and pleaded his cause without success. At the Stade de France, Ben Arfa played against nature, serious, defensive and concise. And that's why, no doubt, he had "Headache" to have accepted "To be programmed", he who usually flutters as he pleases. But the revenge of the sweet indocile was at this price. And the avenging tears of the perky also: "I usually do not cry. I won lots of titles and I never cried. There, I cried, because it was too strong. "

Luc Le Vaillant



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