Hattrick rejected: Charleroi has to make peace with point after chaotic final against Genk | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Charleroi has won its first point of the play-offs. After a final offensive by Genk, the home team threatened to be left empty-handed for a third time, but Bayo struck in extra time: 2-2. The winning goal was disallowed for offside not much later.

Charleroi – Genk in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: The roof is completely off in the Stade du Pays of Charleroi. Bayo made it 3-2 in extra time. However, his hat-trick is canceled because Ilaimaharitra was offside at the beginning of the phase.
  • Man of the match: Bayo tries to forget Nicholson in rush hour and tonight he certainly succeeded. The 25-year-old Ivorian made the nets vibrate 3 times, but 1 of those hits was disallowed. He managed to get one point out of the fire for his team.
  • Remarkable: Before tonight, Genk was able to beat Charleroi 7 times out of the last 10 meetings. That was not the case tonight.

Charleroi furious about equalizing

The venom has clearly been in his tail lately in Genk matches. Last week it took 3 points in the final against KV Mechelen. Tonight it lost the victory in Charleroi.

Bayo headed Charleroi ahead in a first half to be forgotten. After an undoubtedly strong pep talk from Bernd Storck, Genk came out of the dressing room much more eager.

Bongonda was given a starting spot again, but had to make way for Onuachu at half time. After Heymans kicked the post, Onuachu did shake the nets. Another gold change. Although they had previously seen a mistake on Bayo at Charleroi.

Crazy final phase

The 1-1 was a fact and Genk went looking for more. First, Koffi, who may have escaped red before, made a phenomenal save. A few moments later, the goalkeeper had no chance on Thorstvedt’s rebound. Another switch that paid off.

Charleroi in the ropes, you think. However, that was beyond the Carolo’s perseverance. Morioka sent Bayo into the alley and he made it 2-2.

The home team could even taste the victory, but Ilaimaharitra was offside. Ghent can do a golden business tomorrow. Then it has to beat KV Mechelen at home.

Still: “Next week three points we earned today”

Genk could have won, Charleroi could have won. Both coaches were left with mixed feelings. “I’m sorry”, Genk coach Bernd Storck opened. “If you are 2-1 up, you can’t give it away. But in the end we can still be happy with 2-2.”

“We always want the three points, but now we are satisfied with a point. Sometimes you also need a bit of luck. We are now concentrating on the return game on Tuesday.”

Edward Still was “especially proud” of Charleroi’s reaction. “We played very well. You saw the facets that we worked on this week. This should give everyone confidence.”

“This was the face we have to show every week. With this football we can get any opponent into trouble. We will go all out on Tuesday for the three points against Genk that we actually deserved today.”

  1. second half, minute 98 match over
  2. second half, minute 97. End. After a tumultuous end, the game is over. In the 2nd half, Genk went up and over Charleroi, but in the end Bayo made it 2-2. He even scored the 3-2, but it was offside.  †
  3. Offside! The party isn’t going on anyway. The VAR intervenes and says that there was offside.  † second half, minute 96.
  4. second half, minute 94. GOAL! 3-2 Bayo. What a denouement! Charleroi still takes the win here. Morioka first plays to Ilaimaharitra and he still lays wide. Bayo can easily tap in and complete his hat trick. †
  5. Goal during second half, minute 93 by Vakoun Issouf Bayo of Charleroi. 2, 2.
  6. second half, minute 93. GOAL! 2-2 Bayo. Unlikely, Bayo does it again. With 2 minutes left on the clock, Morioka sends Bayo into the alley. The striker does not miss that chance and makes his 2nd of the evening.  †
  7. second half, minute 90. Substitution at Charleroi, Nauris Petkevicius in, Stefan Knezevic out
  8. second half, minute 89. Substitution at KRC Genk, Carlos Cuesta in, Luca Oyen out
  9. second half, minute 89. Onuachu gets into a fight with Knezevic. The Genk striker thinks he is being pulled down by the defender. However, there is no penalty kick. The VAR does not intervene either. †
  10. Goal during second half, minute 84 by Kristian Thorstvedt of KRC Genk. 1, 2.
  11. second half, minute 84. GOAL! 1-2 Thorstvedt. The goal comes a few seconds later. Heynen first kicks Koffi, but Thorstvedt is well followed. In the reprise, he steps in. Will Genk still win here? †
  12. Rescue Coffee. Ito throws the leather in front of goal again. Thorstvedt can put his foot against it and seems to score. However, Koffi puts a stop to that.  † second half, minute 83.
  13. second half, minute 82. Substitution at Charleroi, Isaac Mbenza in, Joris Kayembe out
  14. second half, minute 82. Just after that goal, a lot of players were standing nose to nose in the goal. Heynen and Heymans got a yellow card pushed under their noses.  †
  15. Yellow card for Bryan Heynen of KRC Genk during the second half, minute 81
  16. Yellow card for Daan Heymans from Charleroi during the second half, minute 81
  17. second half, minute 80. GOAL! 1-1 Onuachu. Genk still has the equalizer. Ito brings the leather well in front and Onuachu puts the ball in neatly. Genk is back in the game.  †
  18. Goal during the second half, minute 80 by Paul Onuachu of KRC Genk. 1, 1.
  19. second half, minute 75. Last fifteen minutes. The Genk storm has now abated somewhat. The visitors are less well off. That high tempo was therefore difficult to maintain for half a game. Meanwhile, time is ticking away, to Genk’s disadvantage. †