Haute-Savoie: the mayhem of a mayor after the performance of Dieudonné improvised in a field


Hundreds of people gathered in a field of Haute-Savoie, without authorization or other security that a group of vigils … It is an event which would have shocked even if the initiative had not come from a controversial comedian . Persona non grata in many cities, but willingly feeding his profile victim, Dieudonné M’bala M’bala multiplies the tricks to be able to occur: the venue of his shows is now known at the last moment, via an SMS sent to all those who have purchased a ticket. This time, he played his show Emancipation in a field of La Balme-de-Sillingy, near Annecy, Saturday evening. An area ” in nature, a natural and agricultural area ” describes the mayor (DVD) François Daviet, who was only informed a few minutes before the beginning of the show by his assistant. ” All the cars passed by her house. Since she lives in the countryside, she found it curious. “When he calls the gendarmes, they inform him that they have only been informed for about ten minutes. a deputy tried to go there, but he was turned back. ” François Daviet has counted nearly 500 cars parked nearby, around 8pm. And is indignant: ” When associations make demonstrations, there are many requirements to respect, security, civil protection … ” And there, nothing. His anger, the elected also departmental advisor manifested it on his Facebook account, but he also wants ” write a letter to the Ministry of the Interior, and a copy to the prefect ” .


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