Hautes-Pyrénées. An “open school” in the heart of the fortified castle for the little ones from Lourdais

the essential
Many children of Lourdes were able to take advantage of the measures put in place by the National Education for the holidays. Among these, the “Open School” at the fortified castle.

A partnership between the city and the National Education has been established to offer children from CP to CM2 to benefit from cultural activities if they do not go on vacation. Entitled “Open School”, this educational offer allows young participants to learn about notions of heritage, culture and nature, but also to benefit from an education part.
The academy inspector, Catherine Lavit, emphasizes: “We have put in place several systems for many years. Since last year, following confinements, the “Learning Holidays” were born for students who need academic support as well as “success internships”.

Class in the morning, sport and culture in the afternoon

She details the organization: “The class takes place in the morning thanks to volunteer teachers and in the afternoon, we are in the“ open school ”with sports and cultural activities. This partnership with the castle was facilitated by the fact that Ms. Mazurek, vice-president of Simaje is also deputy mayor in charge of culture. The teachers are there in the morning and at mealtime. In the afternoon, with Ms. Barrère, the children work on the cultural aspect and the heritage represented by the castle ”.
Sylvie Mazurek noted this new link, hoping that it will last: “This is the first time that we have forged this partnership within the framework of an open school with Ms. Barrère du château fort, who is a specialist in learning for schoolchildren. . I am keen to bring to life in schools and in peri and extracurricular time other discoveries for children and I am very happy that this is taking place ”.

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Different activities every day

For Marie-Pierre Barrère, the learning school is “a challenge for us. We have a wide educational offer with the castle, the museum, the gardens or even beekeeping. We started with observation games and a different activity on each day. Everyone was able to follow at their own pace. We divided the day with two workshops, models or drawings among others to alternate activities so that it is as fun as possible. She concludes: “The goal is to get them to discover other things than what they do at school and we hope to be able to repeat the experience”.
The officials did not fail to thank all those who worked upstream to set up this open school and in particular the director of the Honoré-Auzon school, who, with the teachers of his establishment but also of Lapacca, started by arrow the children likely to benefit from this completely free summer structure. Enough to prepare for the start of the school year this midweek.