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The most frequently asked questions and answers about the measure you want to mitigate the impact of rising fuel prices.

The Council of Ministers approved on Thursday the diploma that provides for the attribution, to private consumers, of a subsidy of 10 cents per liter up to a maximum of 50 liters per month, for five months.

The measure, which aims to mitigate the impact of rising fuel prices on household income, will run from November 2021 to March 2022, and will work through the IVAucher platform.

In total, the Government estimates to return 132.5 million euros to consumers.

These are some essential points of the IVAucher of fuels.

What is and how does the fuel IVAucher work?
It is a measure whereby consumers receive a subsidy to compensate them for the rise in fuel prices. As the Government had already announced and approved on Thursday, this subsidy consists of the equivalent of 10 cents per liter up to 50 liters of fuel per month, in other words, it corresponds to five euros per month.

Who is the measure for
The subsidy, explained the Deputy Secretary of State and Tax Affairs, is intended for “all Portuguese” with a NIF (Tax Identification Number) and a bank card. Because, as with the hotel, restaurant and culture IVaucher, in order to reimburse the subsidy, the consumer who is going to fill the vehicle with fuel must pay the bill with a bank card.

When does it take effect?
As of November 10, purchases of diesel or gasoline made at IVAucher service stations will be entitled to reimbursement of the subsidy.

How is the subsidy paid?
The total amount of the subsidy, that is, the five euros that each consumer is entitled to per month, will be transferred to their bank account with the first monthly refill, even if they put less than 50 liters on that first refill.

Is there a minimum value for this first supply?
This is an issue that is not yet fully closed. In other words, a minimum value for the first refueling can be defined, but, if that is the decision, the value is not defined yet because, as the Secretary of State mentioned, there are differences in the minimum refueling value between the various fuel stations .

When does the subsidy reach the consumer’s account?
The money must reach the account within two business days after refueling.

How long will it last?
The measure is exceptional and temporary and will be in force in November and December 2021 and in January, February and March 2022.

What happens if I don’t need to refuel my car every month?
In this situation, the unused amount is carried over to the following month. For example: a consumer who does not need to refuel in December, will not receive the five euros subsidy that month, but this amount will accumulate with the five euros he is entitled to receive in the first refueling of January. In total, each person can receive the equivalent of 25 euros in the defined five-month period.

Why the 10 cents and the 50 liter limit?
According to the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, the value of 10 cents per liter of subsidy was defined taking into account the average increase in the sale price to the public between 2019 and 2021 and the 50 liters of monthly limit were based on the average consumption of families .

What do people have to do to be eligible for the grant?
In order to receive this fuel subsidy, consumers will have to register on the ivaucher.pt platform, indicating their NIF, if they have not already done so under the program aimed at culture, meals and accommodation.

Registration can start from November 1st.

Anyone who is already registered with IVAucher (and there are more than 900,000 consumers who have already done so) will receive a communication informing them that there has been an extension of the IVAucher program, so that they know about this extension — a necessary procedure for the sake of protection of personal data.

Which gas stations are adhering?
The objective is for the approximately 3,800 service stations registered with the National Energy Sector (ENSE) to adhere to the measure, but this is a decision that will be up to each company.

Registration by companies that own gas stations is simple and to facilitate their identification they will be provided with an ‘IVAucher Seal’.