After the uproar that was raised between the Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Bahman and the Egyptian actress Yasmin Sabri, who resorted to the "Block" as a response to it, after she offered her marriage, the Kuwaiti actress Haya Al Shuaibi intervened and meditated with them and shaved her beauty. Sheaibi said to Abdullah Bahman, At the scene: "What is the story of the Egyptian people who caused you because of it? Can they have a young man like you, a representative, a beautiful, a Kuwaiti, and our son?" Before she sang "rotary" to indicate that nothing is fixed in life, not starry or otherwise.

Abdullah Bahman justified his marriage request from Yasmine Sabri, saying that he did not exceed the framework of the joke, after the uproar raised through social networking sites. He also explained that when he decides to marry Yasmin Sabri or others, he knows how to apply for marriage and make her sit at home It is said that Haya Al-Shuaibi is currently filming the series "Suha Al-Bakht", written by Mohammed Al-Kandari and directed by Hassan Abel, in addition to Haya Al-Shuaibi, a number of actors, including: Sheila Sabbat, Fahd Al-Bannai, Abdullah Bahman, , Mohammed al-Sirafi, Huda Hamdan, and others.



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