Hayden Panettiere, her boyfriend Brian Hickerson and his father were reportedly all involved in an argument last month.

Although the names have been changed, a PEOPLE police report from the Greenville City Police Department indicates that the police responded to a call for attack and battery at approximately 11:44 pm. on October 25 in a residence in South Carolina.

According to TMZ, the report concerns Panettiere, Hickerson and his father David. (The actress's representatives did not comment on PEOPLE's requests.)

The report said that when the answering officer arrived at the apartment through a window, he saw "two male persons in the house" and that the victim appeared to have blood on his face. The officer wrote that the couple was "moving excitedly through the kitchen," and the other man had an "unknown object" in his hands and "it seemed he was chasing the victim."

After knocking on the door, a witness (aka panettiere) who "seemed desperate" opened the door [a] hurry up ", whereupon the man was handcuffed.

According to the report, the man swore and "uncooperative." He told the police "that no attack took place" and that he and the victim "got into a quarrel" because the victim "drank too much" man denied that he had been drinking.

The victim denied being "attacked" and claimed that his injuries had occurred in a fall. He also refused to go to the hospital.

According to a supplemental report, the victim was seen with "bruises on the left side" of his face that "seemed to be heavy". The report also states that the victim "had a lip injury and was bleeding from the mouth."

The supplemental report states that both the victim and the witness "admitted to drinking alcohol".

There were no arrests.

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The actress and Hickerson, a rising actor originally from South Carolina, were first associated with each other in August when they saw dinner together in Los Angeles, shortly after reports were circulated that the actress and her fiancé Wladimir Klitschko had separated.

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At that time, one source told people that their relationship was not serious.

"He's hot, but Hayden is currently making decisions about what she wants to do next, and needs a break from routine," the source said. "She is a young, beautiful girl who is allowed to talk well. That's what she does. "

Panettiere, 28, and Klitschko, 42, share the 3½-year-old daughter Kaya. The actress started in 2009 with the Ukrainian boxing champion; They parted temporarily in 2011. Later they broke up again and again and got engaged in 2013, even though they had never tied the knot.


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