Hayfever: These remedies really help!


The nose itches, the eyes are burning – not all of us are happy about the beginning of spring. Because now begins the hay fever time. But against the annual allergy attack you have to do something … Yes, you can! For one in four in Germany, the awakening of nature is joy and sorrow at the same time. Because it also means: red, watery eyes, dense nose and sneezing. Responsible for the complaints is a malfunction of the immune system. Harmless pollens are attacked as if they were dangerous pathogens. Through increased secretion and sneezing the body tries to get rid of them quickly. We explain how we can support our organism. Help from the pharmacy against hay fever The body releases more of the messenger histamine in the allergic reaction. This causes the typical symptoms, by dilating blood vessels and swelling mucous membranes. Doctors advise to treat the complaints consistently medication, because otherwise it can come to a level change in the lungs: from the hay fever is then asthma. So-called antihistamines (over-the-counter, pharmacy) prevent the release of histamine and thus its inflammatory effect. Mild symptoms can be treated well with antihistamine nasal spray and eye drops. Do not hand them out, help oral products. For severe symptoms and allergic asthma, the doctor usually prescribes cortisone-containing agents. Pollen-free apartment helps against allergy flare-ups So that the allergy symptoms do not plague us at home, it helps to curb the pollen invasion: In the hair catches a lot of fine pollen, which then spreads in the pillow. It is therefore best to rinse again before bedtime. The mucous membranes in the nose can be freed from pollen using a nasal douche (drugstore or pharmacy). Simply rinse your nose well with it every evening. However, so that the pollen does not rob us of sleep, we should still change bedding and sleeping clothes in the pollen season once or twice a week. If you want to play it safe, attach special pollen grid (hardware store) to your bedroom windows. They keep most of the allergy triggers out. In addition, mobile air purifiers can reduce the pollutant load in the home (eg from Venta, consumer electronics store).
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Strengthen the immune system through sports Regular physical activity (especially endurance sports) and relaxation (eg yoga, meditation) soothes our hypersensitive immune system and relieves the symptoms. Stress, on the other hand, usually intensifies the symptoms. In particular, the vital substances vitamin C and quercetin act as a natural antihistamine. Therefore, vegetables and fruits should be at the top of our diet. Both substances are abundant in raw onions, apples and broccoli. In addition, zinc has particularly immunoregulatory and antihistamine properties. If there is a defect, the doctor can determine. Non-prescription depot tablets from the pharmacy ensure full storage (eg “Taxofit Zinc + Histidine”). Hay fever defeat by therapy Through a so-called hyposensitization, the immune system can be completely diverted from its wrong path: With increasing doses, it gets used to the allergy trigger and learns that it poses no danger. After all, our defense does not react any longer, or only weakens, to the pollens. However, the decisive factor is that the therapy takes place for at least three years at a time (usually cash benefit).


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