Rust Cohle. Ani Bezzerides. And now Wayne Hays.

Season 3 has a name that is worthy of the franchise, but now the next group of True detective Episodes lie beyond the calendar year horizon, the audience has a slightly clearer idea of ​​the figure behind it.

HBO released yet another preview look at Mahershala Ali as Detective Hays, and the rest of the Season 3 cast following an unexplained fall in the Ozarks. Ali is an impressive ensemble this season with Carmen Ejogo as Amelia Reardon. Mamie Gummer and the mustachioed Scoot McNairy play a major role in helping parents deal with the consequences of their families being at the center of other crimes related to children.

Similar to Cary Fukunaga's staged season 1, which was distinguished over several periods of time, this new one True detective Wayne will deal with his own actions at various stages of his life.

There is also a curious collection of directors this season. Pizzolatto will make his first appearance behind the camera. Daniel Sackheim returns after the devastating HBO The rest Episode "G'Day Melbourne". Blue ruin and Green room Director Jeremy Saulnier also directed several episodes. David Milch also helped this season as a credited co-writer on the screenplay for the fourth episode of the upcoming season.

Take a look at the full trailer below:

True detective Season 3 premiere on January 13 at HBO.



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