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he and Soleil felt before the Island of the Famous

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Isola dei Famosi, Jeremias Rodriguez and Soleil Stasi have been heard before the reality show

ROME – A few days after their arrival on the Island of the Famous, between Jeremias Rodriguez is Soleil Stasi the spark seems to have fired. The speed with which this couple has formed, inevitably, has led many to ask: is it perhaps a stroke of lightning?

To explain a bit 'how things are, tonight, we thought the brother of Belen and Cecilia. Called aside by Alessia Marcuzzi, he said he felt very attracted to Soleil. The feeling between them, however, seems to have deeper roots.

That of Jeremias Rodriguez and Soleil Stasi was not a love for the Island. As the castaway explained tonight, in fact, he and the former suitor of Men and Women seem to be heard before taking part in the reality show. Jeremias did not reveal who but, according to his words, one of the two would have contacted the other on social media (showing some interest). In the end, having the opportunity to start together and face the journey to Honduras in a couple, gave way to both of them to get to know each other better.

The arrival of Soleil in the famous island has generated not a little confusion among the shipwrecked. Some, including Luca Vismara and Giorgia Venturini, would not have liked his ways. In the end, the antipathy revealed in the comparisons caused Soleil to burst into tears. The images were made to see tonight during the episode.


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