He became a seriously ill former star contestant at the Star

Krizsán Lili a I’ll be a star! he showed up in his last season and was soon revealed to be suffering from a severe eating disorder. The singer sincerely testified about her illness and the process of her recovery, as well as the fact that she had to seek medical help because of her condition.

Babett, a former mentor from Köllő, can now claim to be healed, it has been two months since he was finally released from the hospital, where he needed treatment for his severe anorexia. The young singer had previously reported that she had to move home to Siófok, despite a stormy relationship with her parents. His true mother supported his sick daughter in everything, but their fundamental disagreements have persisted ever since.

Krizsán did not hesitate for a long time and moved back to the capital, where he now lives in an apartment with several girls and settled in hospitality so that he could concentrate on music during the day. It is the ripe fruit of his hard work, as his first self-composition was published in the last days, in which he also sings about the tribulations of the recent period.

“It’s me and this song is completely honest. I don’t want it to look like anything, the way I am. In me, this song only evokes positive feelings, I have closed this period to myself and it frees me when I sing. I hope the audience will hear the will to live in the song, they won’t be the first to associate it with my illness. “ – quotes the words of Lili Blikk Krizsán, who said that if anyone finds you with a similar problem, they are happy to help, but he has already completely closed this period.