He bites her and tries to strip her: the horror on the train to Milan


Authentic moments terror those lived by a girl aboard a Trenord convoy bound for Milan Porta Garibaldi station. Targeted by a passenger, the victim was suddenly attacked and only the providential intervention of the other passengers, recalled by his screams, prevented a rape from taking place.

Investigators are investigating this, given that the person in charge has not yet been captured. According to the little information filtered so far and reported by local newspapers, the incident occurred during the evening of last Friday, November 15th, on board the Trenord 25081 departed from the Swiss station of Chiasso and next to the Seregno stop (Monza-Brianza ). It was just after 10pm when the victim, a 28-year-old Milanese, was approached by a boy, described as a subject with typical facial features North Africans. Finding himself alone with her inside the carriage, the individual took advantage of it to attack the 28-year-old, pushing her to a corner and trying in every way to tear her clothes and put her hands on her. Despite the fear and the shock right away, the young woman was nevertheless able to resist and scream, in the hope that someone would hear her requests for help.

Fortunately, other passengers on board the train and the conductor on duty heard the desperate cries of the girl, and immediately rushed into the carriage. In the meantime the train had stopped at the Seregno railway station, so the attacker, who found himself at the corner, managed to to escape and get away with it.

Traumatized and with a wound in the right shoulder caused by a foreigner's bite, the 28-year-old was assisted by the other passengers, who proceeded to contact the local authorities. On the spot the carabinieri of the company of Seregno, the Polfer agents and the sanitary of 118. After having told the investigators the facts, the young woman was accompanied to the emergency room of the hospital of Desio, where she was medicated by the health personnel . For her, nosedive from his tormentor for having resisted, so much fear but no serious physical consequences.

The police and railway police officers are now investigating the case, determined to identify and track down the person responsible. According to the witnesses, the subject would have fled on foot.

I am now examining the images taken from the videos of the surveillance cameras present at the station in the hope of finding fundamental details to get to the maniac.


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