Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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He buys a computer to a Montpellier and find illegal images


L e PC occasion purchased by a Bordeaux that had belonged to a Montpellier 24-year-old.

investigations by police in montpellier dates back to October 2017. When the gendarmes of the region of Aquitaine, to send a folder a concern. In 2016, a Bordeaux acquires a second-hand computer. He discovers on the hard disk of numerous videos of child pornography. Some thirty films and some forty images.

films featuring girls

The purchaser immediately went to the police. An investigation is opened to find the owner of the images. The forces of the order identify a Montpellier 24-year-old. The police officers of the departmental safety back on the hand. The respondent is arrested Thursday, January 11. During the search of his apartment, investigators discovered a second computer, also a bearer of unlawful file. A full page of photographs, six films and multiple connections to sites of child pornography.

taken into custody, the suspect has explained that, for two years, he was tired of the pornographic films traditional and therefore indulged in the viewing of films featuring girls aged 6 to 10 years. He could not explain this preference. The young man was brought to the public prosecutor.

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