He comments on the importance of the “Cristiano” deal, except for a group..and criticizes Abu Rialin’s broadcast! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Tariq Al-Harbi, presenter of the Tariq Show program, said that the deal to join the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo to Al-Nasr Club caused a great resonance and explosion in all sports media. Except for a specific group. And Tariq Shaw reviewed an audio clip from one of the groups affiliated with Al-Hilal Club, in which the recorder asked the fans to respond to the Minister of Sports in a smart way, and asked for equal support.

Tariq Al-Harbi commented on the recorded clip, saying: “By God, anyone who approaches me or knows him will be in these groups for his sake with my headband. What is this empty talk?” And he continued: “One comes with 6 primary school students looking at us. The atmosphere of secrecy and gangs in the WhatsApp groups is scandalous. There are those who write Ronaldo’s name wrong. Go learn the spelling of the first before you gossip.”

He comments on the importance of the “Cristiano” deal, except for a group, and criticizes Abu Rialin’s broadcast! He continued: “The Saudi League has become a follower from all over the world, and victory opened the door for all clubs to contract with any player, whatever his name is, but we have two riyals transfers. This deal is a great opportunity for the Saudi League to prove to the world that it is not lagging behind in terms of football, and to prove the worth of its clubs in the international arena.”