“He destroyed him”: When Federer was inspired by Fernando González to beat Nadal

Written in POLIDEPORTIVO he 12/3/2023 · 16:28 hs

Fernando Gonzalezone of the best tennis players Chile has ever had, demonstrated his category in 2007 when he achieved an almost impossible feat: defeating Rafael Nadal. Fernando Gonzalez left the Spaniard eliminated from the 2007 Australia Open. Surprisingly, this match represented a turning point for Swiss legend Roger Federer.

It is that Ivan Ljubicic, coach of the Swiss tennis player at that time, meticulously studied the triumph of Fernando Gonzalez before Raphael Nadal, in order to discover the weaknesses of the prodigious left-handed. Years later, Ljubicic confessed that the party of Fernando Gonzalez It was essential to improve the performance of his disciple.

Fernando Gonzalez he always measured himself with the best (Instagram).

The Croatian coach remembered the victory of La Reina Bomber as one of the best of his entire career. In that same year, Fernando Gonzalez would reach a Grand Slam final, where he would fall to Federerwho was beginning to forge his path as a tennis legend.

Federer learned a lot from Fernando Gonzalez (Instagram).

The Croatian coach remembered Fernando González’s victory as one of the best of his entire career.

The turning point for Federer

“To study the final against NadalI showed him a game of Fernando Gonzalez Against Rafa, I don’t remember the year, but it was at the Australian Open. There, Fernando destroyed Nadal and I got some ideas from that party and others.”revealed Roger’s former coach Federera key figure in the development of the tennis player,

Roger Federer He has become a tennis legend (Instagram).

“I think that after that Australian Open he began to feel more confident. He played very well in Indian Wells and Miami against Rafa, taking the ball very early, hitting flat and attacking the right of Nadal a little more than what he was doing. Many things that perhaps Rafa did not expect ”, concluded Ljubicic, who acknowledges that he owes a large part of this victory to Fernando Gonzalez.