He did not go to the Jujaks, Ferencváros won by scoring four goals

Ferencváros beat the Debrecen VSC 4–2 in the 5th round of NB I football.


Ferencváros – Debrecen 4–2 (1–1)
Budapest, Groupama Arena, 7325 viewer. Led by: Beetle
Gólszerző: Mak (39, 67), R. Mmaee (55-11), Laidouni (72), resp. Ugrai (17th, 89th)



After the middle start, Balázs Dzsudzsák looked up and immediately threw his teammates on the left from the first Üllői út ball touch in Debrecen. In any special, 108-a-half national team midfielder match, he never, once, played for Ferencváros at home, on Saturday, at the age of 34, he underwent a baptism of fire. He didn’t drag on for a long time, after a minute and eight seconds he tried a long shot and in the 18th minute he served Ugrai Roland with a goal pass.

Ferencváros got into a difficult situation again after the championship slap, which resulted in a 2–1 defeat in Kisvárda, but the Hungarian footballers no longer took a break for the break. Roland Ugrai was hardly praised in the locker room for hesitating in front of his own goal, and in the minutes before the break, the FTC equalized with Robert Mak’s master upper left corner shot. The home goal was no coincidence as Ferencváros went ahead, Tokmac Nguen and the enthusiastic Myrto Uzuni, who returned from his injury, also tried with honor, and although there were many opportunities for the home team, an error slipped in the last passes – except for one. Peter Stöger stumbled nervously past the sideline, felt there were more in this match, and although he rested some of his key players (Miha Blazic, Henry Wingo, Franck Boli), the match against Loki was still a must to win. The dominance of the home team was well demonstrated by the fact that they owned 68 percent of the ball in the first half, and while they had four, one shot for the guests, the head went into the goal – another issue was the goal scored immediately.

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After the turn, there was reason to smile and annoy both: the VAR system, to put it mildly, tested the patience of those on the field and those sitting in the stands, referee Gergő Bogár waited four minutes (!) For the helpers sitting in front of the monitors to determine whether or not the sentence imposed was preceded by an ambush situation. Ryan Mmaee kept the home side in the game with a magnificent save when Ferencváros delivered an almost perfect free kick to the far post. At the small bench of the guests, Szabolcs Huszti was able to catch his head due to the goal and József Varga. If all this wasn’t enough, Ferencváros got another penalty a few minutes later, but Tokmac Nguen took the ball from Róbert Mak in vain so he could kick the penalty, the Norwegian striker made a mistake… The Slovak winger could soon reconcile, brilliantly at the end of one quick counterattack fired the bottom corner, closing the match.

Peter Stöger changed his mind, with Zseljko Gavrics from Serbia’s most expensive player in the league, Zseljko Gavrics, who is the most expensive player in the league with € 4.5 million, and Aissa Laidouni, who scored another goal in the moments before the blow-off. Loki beautified, so it was especially eventful on the night of Saturday night: the penalty missed six goals and there were many situations in the match.

DVSC players were happy with the first goal (Photo: Imre Földi)
1. Kisvárda 5 4 1 9–5 +4 12
2. Mol Fehérvár 4 2 2 6–4 +2 8
3. Budapest Honvéd 5 2 1 2 8–8 0 7
4. MTK Budapest 5 2 1 2 6–6 0 7
5. Mezőkövesd 5 2 1 2 7–10 –3 7
6. Ferencváros TC 3 2 1 9–5 +4 6
7. Puskás Academy 3 2 1 6–8 –2 6
8. Debrecen VSC 5 1 2 2 12–12 0 5
9. Paks FC 4 1 1 2 12–10 +2 4
10. Zalaegerszeg TE 5 1 1 3 7–11 –4 4
11. Gyirmót FC Győr 4 3 1 3–4 –1 3
12. Újpest FC 4 2 2 5–7 –2 2
NB I, 2021–2022, ROUND 5
Friday, August 27th
Zalaegerszeg TE FC – Budapest Honvéd 1–3 Zalaegerszeg, ZTE Arena Antal Péter 1862
Saturday, August 28th
Kisvárda – Mezőkövesd 2–0 Kisvárda, Castle Garden Stadium Mihály Káprály 2289
FTC–DVSC Budapest, Groupama Arena Gergő Bogár 7325
Mol Fehérvár FC – MTK 2–1 Székesfehérvár, Mol Arena Salt Lake Csaba Pintér 2146
Sunday, August 29th
17.45: Gyirmót FC Győr – Puskás Academy (Tv: M4 Sport) Gyirmót, ALCUFER Stadium Balázs Berke
20.00: Paks FC – Újpest FC (Tv: M4 Sport) Fat, Paks FC Stadium Ferenc Karakó
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