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He fell and the animal killed him: one of the most dangerous birds in the world attacks its owner | Univision News Events

A 75-year-old man died after being attacked by a casuarius, an ostrich-like bird, but with great claws and that specialists consider as one of the most dangerous in the world.

According to authorities, Marvin Hajos kept the bird on his property, where it had been raised along with other exotic birds. Josh Crews, from the Alachua County Sheriff's Office in North Florida, said they got a call last Friday from Hajos himself at 10:00 am warning of the incident at his Hajos farm in Gainesville. Shortly thereafter, a second call from another person present at the scene warned of a medical emergency.

According to the authorities, the owner of the bird He had to be transferred to a nearby hospital, where he finally died.

"He was doing what he liked," he told the newspaper. Gainesville the couple of Hajos.

"The initial information indicates that everything was a tragic accident," said Brett Rhodenizer, spokesman for the sheriff's office. The animal is still "safely" in the deceased's farm while it is still investigating the death of its owner.

Jeff Taylor, chief of the Alachua County Fire Department, said that, in his opinion, "the man was near the bird and at one point he fell, when he fell, it was when he was attacked."

Now, the sheriff's office is coordinating with the Florida Wildlife and Fish Conservation Commission to determine what is done with the bird.

"A danger to the people"

This agency classifies this animal as Type II (Class II), which means that it "poses a danger to people". Along with the casuarius, other animals that appear in this classification are alligators, lynxes or giraffes, and a special permit is required for "their exhibition, sale or possession".

The casuarius, are originally from Australia and Papua New Guinea, are birds generally lonely and elusive that can not fly and who generally live in jungle areas. Its body can reach 5-6 feet (1.50-1.80 meters) in height and weigh about 130 pounds (58.5 kg). There are three different species of this animal, but usually all of them are mostly black, but their head is a striking bright blue. Some specimens have a yellow spot on the neck and others red.

Fruits are their main source of nutrition, although they are omnivores. What makes them particularly dangerous are its huge legs and its three claws crowned with sharp nails, especially the interior that can have several centimeters.

"They can be very dangerous if they feel threatened and have this dangerous finger that they can hit with, as you can see it is a fearsome weapon," explained WCJB Andrew Kratter, administrator of the bird collection at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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