he films his homophobic attack in Lyon

Thursday May 12 at the end of the afternoon, a young man leaves the shopping center of Confluence in Lyon in the Rhône. He is then verbally taken to task by another young person. He decides to film the scene. On the video, we hear his attacker hurling homophobic insults at him.

“Big pd”, “old gay”, “I’m going to fuck your mother”, “I’m going to trample your big head”, “I’m going to bury you” or “I want to put my fists in your mouth.” It was with these words of extreme violence that Anthony was verbally attacked by another young man at the exit of the Carrefour de Confluence.

An act that the young man did not hesitate to film and share on social networks in stride. He invites Internet users to share his aggression so that the video becomes “viral” and “The world realizes what the LGBT+ community goes through on a daily basis.

3 days after the fact, the video has already been shared almost 5000 times. Anthony also received a lot of support on social networks.

“Unfortunately today, what is sad is that we are used to it”, explains Anthony to ActuLyon. “Street harassment affects a lot of people, it’s deplorable. It’s not normal to insult people in the street for a style of dress or sexual orientation.

Anthony is still hesitating to file a complaint. For insult or public defamation, the penalty incurred is 1 year and a fine of 45,000 euros.