he finds an envelope with 2,670 euros in cash and brings the money to the police

In Reims, a fifty-year-old showed great civility by bringing an envelope filled with cash to the police station.

The gesture of this citizen is so exceptional that the National Police of the Marne devoted a tweet to him on Monday March 27. Six days earlier, a man in his fifties returned to a police station in Reims to report to the police an envelope containing 2,670 euros in cash found in the parking lot of a clinic, says France 3 Great East. “It’s rather rare and we wanted to highlight this incredible gesture. I know many who would have kept it to themselves”, remarks a policewoman from this police station.

The money came from a car sale

Once the 2,670 euros are in their hands, the police launch their investigation to try to find the owner of this money. And the investigations did not last very long since a man quickly reported himself. “On the evening of the 21st, a man asks us if we have seen an envelope with this sum in it, because he had lost it. He had taken his wife to the clinic urgently to give birth and had lost the envelope. He had just sold a car,” police said.

Given the amount at stake, the police are obviously trying to find out if the person in front of them is not making a story. The dazed young dad, surely distracted by the birth of his child, finally provides sufficient proof and can recover the money from the sale of his car. “We couldn’t take his word for it, even if he gave the right figure, but he had proof of the sale, an invoice in his name, so with proof of this transaction, the young dad was able to recover its envelope”, justify the police.

The story does not say if a meeting is soon scheduled between the fifties and the young dad so that the latter can thank his savior.

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