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He found worms alive in his food and the restaurant blamed him

A restaurant in New Jersey apologized after a customer recorded a video that showed a live worm crawling through their dinner. But that apology only came after restaurant staff scolded the customer on social media for complaining first. On Saturday, New Jersey resident Jim Guinee took his aunt to a restaurant for his 80th birthday.
   Photo: AFP
Guinee told local media that his girlfriend ordered the cod, and that she was about to eat it, when she noticed something unpalatable about her food. "She saw this worm writhing from the cod on the plate," Guinee said.
 I just filmed it because … I thought it looked pretty disgusting, and we were not sure what it was about. We were not sure if she was going to get sick.

Guinee posted the video later that night and it quickly went viral, accumulating almost 300,000 hits at the time of writing. In a Facebook post, people in the restaurant criticized Jim Guinee for trying to "destroy" his "reputation and possible means of life "and they say they stopped serving the cod dish after the worms were discovered.
The restaurant wrote that the parasitic round worms "are often found in the guts and flesh of fish" and occasionally the inspectors miss them. Since then, the publication has been removed from Facebook, and the restaurant has published an official apology in your Facebook page. In this note:



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