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He got a nose in his nose and ended up in a wheelchair for life

Layane Dias, 20, suffered a bacterial infection known as Staphylococcus aureus, which transmits diseases through the blood, after placing a piercing in the nose. A few days later he began to suffer severe pain in the legs until finally lost the sensitivity of almost his entire body.

The young Brazilian explained that in the last piercing her nose was too bled, so the person who performed the work performed a quick cure before placing the ring in that area. "I did not give importance, I thought it was something muscular, I took a remedy, but the pain was still there, intense, the pains continued the next day, even stronger," he said.

"The doctor asked me if I had a wound in my nose or something similar because, as he explained, that bacteria usually builds up in the pits, and that's when I told him that I had a piercing in my nose," Layane said.

After being subjected to a resonance, the doctors noticed that he had 500 milliliters of pus between three vertebrae that pressed his spinal cord. By then, the girl no longer felt her legs.

"The pus could have generated an infection that could have killed her, when the fluid was removed, the marrow was decompressed and the patient's picture improved," explained the surgeon who saved his life, after the surgical intervention that was crucial. to stop the progression of paraplegia.

Layane was very depressed by the fact that she was not going to be able to walk again, although after being hospitalized for two months she began to interact with people who are in the same condition as her and to do all kinds of activities such as playing basketball and handball



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