He had 57 criminal cases, was released due to the health crisis and fell after a robbery in La Plata

A 21-year-old young man who had 57 criminal cases and had been released last July due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic was arrested by the police after a robbery of a man and his little daughter in the Buenos Aires party of La Plata. reported police sources.

The procedure was carried out by personnel from the Technical Operational Cabinet of the Villa Ponsati police station after identifying the young man as one of the two thieves who on August 23 committed an assault using the “motochorro” mode.

The robbery happened in 117 between 96 and 97 when a 33-year-old man was walking with his little daughter and two criminals appeared on a motorcycle.

The passenger got off the vehicle and the victim, who was trying to cover the girl, was hit in the face with a rifle butt.

Once the criminals stole a cell phone, they escaped on the motorcycle, but they were recorded by security cameras.

After the analysis of the images, the authors were identified and with the endorsement of the prosecutor Álvaro Garganta, a search was carried out in a house of 95 between 119 and 120, where the 21-year-old was arrested, who was dressed in the same clothes when he committed the assault.

The young man had been delayed for a similar crime on June 11, and the courts converted the arrest into detention, but in July, in the context of the health crisis, he was released.

Then it emerged that since 2015 he has been detained 57 times, almost an average of once a month during these five years. (Télam)