he had tried to escape from the prison officers

On the counter, already 189 months in prison. To which are now added 8 other months, a sentence that this native of Hayange has just been inflicted on Tuesday, May 25, in a criminal hearing.

Once again, the father of two children was tried for a repeat escape attempt, for having tried to escape the vigilance of prison officers, on November 9, at the Thionville court, just after being summoned by a judge.

Goalkeeper injured in the thigh

When returning to the van which was parked on the side of the building, the defendant, held by a lanyard, started a sprint but fell to the ground in the process, causing a stampede which injured a guard in the thigh. “It is regrettable, defends the thirty-year-old afterwards. I was not well, I did not want to hurt. Today is better. »

“Prison is not a life”

At the mention of his criminal record, thickened by 21 mentions and 16 convictions (thefts, rebellions, narcotics, etc.), the one who received days in the disciplinary district with a suspended sentence recognizes that “prison is not a life. I myself am shocked at my behavior…”

€300 was awarded to the victim for his non-pecuniary damage.

At the end of the hearing, the Moselle returned to his jail at the Nancy penitentiary center.