He happily drove along the highway at a speed of 349 km/h. Then his luck left him

Testing the maximum Bugatti Veyron in full highway traffic requires a lot of gas and a lot of luck. However, sometimes there may not be as much of the latter as is needed.

Unlimited speed on some sections of the German Autobahn is often the only option for sports car drivers to test the maximum speed of their performance car, or at least get close to it. If you have anything in the “up to 250 km/h” level, you can drive between 200 and 250 with a little care kilometers basically anywhere there is even a bit of free time. Every now and then someone with a speed starting with two appears on the left lane of the German highway, and the surrounding drivers take it as something completely normal.

A shifted limiter opens the way to new experiences

The situation changes a bit if you own a real sports car. They usually have no limiter at all. Alternatively, you own one of the powerful models of touring cars, where the limiter has been moved towards higher speeds. Driving at a speed of 200 km/h or 300 km/h makes a noticeable difference, the driver’s field of vision changes as well as the reaction time (or the distance traveled during this time). And a completely different situation if you are among the chosen few and your car drives well over 300 km/h.

iPhoto source: Bugatti

Or even over 400 km/h. Like the Bugatti Veyron in some of its versions and models. No one will ever “spoof” the VW concern anymore With the Veyron, he managed to “resuscitate” the Bugatti brand and return it to the legends where it undoubtedly belongs in the 21st century. Ingenious marketing and sharing of components has created a mix that is on the one hand extremely interesting for clients and on the other hand beneficial and efficient for VW. The emergence of an icon among hypersports? Looks like it.

The Veyron is a fascinating piece of automotive engineering

Which is the key to success. Just as the key to success is the obviousness with which the Veyron and other cars of the same stable allow you to experience almost absurd speeds. Which were reserved until recently special drivers for the 24 Hours of Le Mans or the fastest cars in the NASCAR series. And experience them completely casually, on the way from point A to point B on the German highway. If you look at the video that we attach below, there are two things that are most fascinating about it: the naturalness with which the Veyron accelerates completely outside the reality given by the surrounding cars, and the sound it makes while doing so.

The soundtrack during acceleration is absolutely addicting

Because if anything evokes a fighter jet at takeoff, it’s the sound on board the Veyron at maximum acceleration. Hear it for yourself on purpose, during the video his pilot accelerates many times. Sometimes we also hear the laughter of the driver or his passenger in the soundtrack. And even though it may seem like arrogance to us in the sense of supremacy over the surrounding traffic, the truth is that such a fascinating haul will cause laughter essentially by accident. Just press the gas pedal a little and the world around turns into a blurry blur, accompanied by a loud whistling sound. In short, something like an F16 on four wheels.

But even the German Autobahn is not a place without risks and unpredictable circumstances. As you can see from the video, the driver has to check the discs of the French car several times, and better not think about what would happen, if someone looked in the rear-view mirror incorrectly or just briefly. The airport would be significantly more boring, we understand, but 100% safe. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Veyron is a breathtaking machine, a masterpiece of human ingenuity and the pinnacle of automotive engineering. Let’s hope that the thinking of those who can’t resist its speed at full speed will be similarly supreme forever.