he has accumulated 152 months in prison … and takes 14 more

In the middle, he calls himself “the big one”. The 37-year-old has spent quite a bit of time in a jail. 152 months. This Monday, in an immediate appearance hearing, the Thionville judicial court added him 8 months in prison, to which is added the revocation of 6 months of a suspension with probation which dates from 2019. That is 14 months of prison, for having once again been involved in a drug trafficking affair, on the banks of the Moselle.

Money to “go on vacation”

It is up to President Rouvre to evoke this new criminal episode where the accused had to answer for facts of transport, possession, transfer and use of narcotics, in legal recidivism, from May to July. Or an anonymous call, the starting point of the investigation, which denounces the defendant, who would sell heroin, cocaine and cannabis. Straight away, the thirty-something denies hard drugs, despite the words “brown” and “white” intercepted in the wiretaps. He admits having just sold 100 g of resin, to “go on vacation” and not “to get rich”, and also cigarettes and alcohol.

A version of the facts that stings the ears of the public prosecutor, much more inclined to bring to light in the Mosellan an 8e drug trafficking. The individual had, recalls the prosecutor, the ban to appear in Uckange. During his arrest, deal texts and names were found, he shifts, and drugs disappeared in the bathroom of his girlfriend’s apartment. When he leaves his cell, Farouk Djoher will still not have to set foot on Uckange soil.

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