he has just been convicted of beating the officer

It was full containment due to the Covid pandemic. On October 28, 2020, Philippe parks his car in front of his hairdresser’s salon, just enough time to make an appointment. On his return, Pedro, a parking meter checker, applies a butterfly of 17.5 euros to him.

► “He treated me as a socially handicapped person”, Philippe explained to the court: here are the explanations of the defendant

Philippe appealed for the sanction, as announced by his lawyer Me Bernard Popyn. The defender confides: “They say he was guilty of beatings, but what happened was a fight. That could have been avoided if only the agent in charge of paying parking meters had tempered the citizen’s anger, ordered to pay a fee… for parking for a few seconds! “

► The controller found himself unable to work, he is claiming very substantial compensation.