“He hasn’t hurt anyone”

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS. This day the second hearing of Juan Orlando Hernández was held and while his lawyer had the floor in court, there was a striking reaction.

A member of the defense Hernández He mentioned that the former president has not harmed anyone and someone in the room reacted by coughing, as if showing disagreement.

This happened according to the chronicle and description made by the American lawyer and communicator Matthew Russell Lee.

Lee has access to the Court for the Southern District of New York, through his media outlet Inner City Press.

Reaction to what JOH’s lawyer said

The graphic image shows how the former Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernández, arrived at the Court and appeared before Judge Kevin Castel.

The event occurred when Juan Orlando Hernández’s lawyer, Raymond Colon, had the floor and exposed, before Judge Castel, some situations that he considers unfair to his client.

“My client, since he arrived, has been denied sheriff’s privileges,” Colon lamented, according to journalist Matthew Lee’s transcript.

In addition, the attorney He denounced that Hernández has not been allowed to call his family and that only the assistants of the legal team can see him, but not him.

“He is being treated like a prisoner of war. On the basketball court they don’t give him a ball,” he added.

Later, Colón went on to say that this did not seem right to him, because the former president of Honduras is not a “terrorist.”

“He is not a terrorist. He has not hurt anyone, ”said the lawyer, the exact moment in which someone coughed, a reaction that was reflected by the journalist Lee and Inner City Press.

“Strong cough in the gallery. Many here disagree that JOH…“, reads in the text where the aforementioned American media summarized what happened this day in the New York Court.

The note, both in English and Spanish, is found as: “Honduras Ex-Prez JOH Trial Set January 2023 As He Pleads Not Guilty & Complains of MDC”.

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Hernandez at his second hearing

Photo the JOH
JOH was sitting at a desk, next to him his lawyers and close by the bailiffs who were escorting him.

The ex-president and extradited Honduran appeared this Tuesday before the judge kevin castel, who read the charges against him. However, Hernández pleaded “not guilty” and will go to trial.

In the image you can see John Orlando Hernandez in front of Judge Castel, dressed in blue, wearing a white mask and glasses, listening attentively to what is being said.

the journalist Emily Palmer He described Hernández Alvarado’s clothing through a video. She could be seen wearing a blue overalls, the same color that he wore the day of his extradition from Honduras to the United States.

Hernández was seated between his two lawyers and accompanied by a translator. He was guarded by three bailiffs from New York dressed in their uniforms.

Emily Palmer He said that during the hearing, prosecutors told the former Honduran president that they had enough evidence against him, including recordings of meetings, conversations on social media, and more.

The next hearing John Orlando Hernandez It will be on September 28 at 11:00 in the morning, United States time, 9:00 in the morning, Honduras time. The trial would begin in January 2023.

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