“He hides and goes out at night”: on the run, Terry has already crossed 4 countries in one year but Sébastien still hopes to find him

“He won’t let go until he gets his dog back”, Gwenaël contacted the editorial staff of RTL Info, via the orange Alert us button, to tell us about the epic that his friend Sébastien has been living for more than a year to find his dog. Terry, a Spanish galgo greyhound, has indeed left his master’s home for more than a year now and continues to travel between Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium…

It is a touching and surprising story that Gwenaël, colleague and friend of Sébastien wanted to tell. “Sébastien is an extraordinary person and his love for animals is indescribable. He saved several dogs from hell, including Terry. He is a Galgo hound who was imprisoned in a shelter in Spain. He decided to adopt her after meeting her eyes in an advertisement on the Internet“. By taking the initiative to press the orange Alert us button, Gwenaël hoped to kill two birds with one stone: to highlight this incredible runaway, and to try to draw even more attention to Terry.

As his friend tells it, when he saw Terry’s photo on the Internet, Sébastien fell in love completely. After taking the necessary steps for adoption, Terry, this young 7-year-old black Galgo greyhound arrives in Belgium. At first, the new roommate is going well. Until this night of May 21, 2021.”I quickly had suspicions that he liked to go out and be in the open air. But that day, when the door was open, he just left and never came back.”explains this animal lover.

A runaway temperament, a rare intelligence

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For more than a year now, Sébastien has been following his dog, trying to bring him home, to his home in Henri-Chapelle in the Liège region, but without success. “When I brought him back from Spain, they probably forgot to tell me that he already had a runaway temper. I was also lied about his age, it’s a not very clear story“.

Still on the run, it wasn’t for lack of trying to bring him home. “I tried to set traps for him, to put him food, but nothing works, he is a very intelligent dog“, proclaims Sébastien.

It has been spotted in Germany, the Netherlands, and even France!

Through posters,more than 6,000 glued everywhere for 1 year“, and hunting cameras, Sébastien manages to see, from time to time, his dog walking in the region. In addition, many passers-by do not hesitate to call the number he leaves on the posters to be notified. if Terry shows the tip of his snout.”However, it is becoming more and more rare, because he has understood that he is visible during the day. So now he hides during the day and comes out at night”.

Having become, in spite of himself, a star in the region of Liège, Terry has been accumulating the kilometers for more than a year. “It has been seen in Germany, in the German-speaking region of Belgium, in the Netherlands, and even in France as far as Verdun! Since his escape, it is estimated that he has already traveled several thousand kilometres.. Despite all the hunts organized by Sébastien to bring Terry home, nothing helps: this dog likes nature and obviously he intends to stay there.

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Sébastien has set traps in his area but nothing works, Terry knows how to avoid them!

Thanks to drones and testimonies, Sébastien has been able to observe Terry’s (phenomenal) journey since his runaway in May 2021.

Impressive survival skills

How does Terry manage to survive for a year in the forests and ravines of the Liège region? Thanks to unfailing resourcefulness, according to his master. “He finds what to eat in the city bins or in those of the supermarkets. To survive the cold in winter, some saw him in fields, warming himself against cows“, says his master.

Not resigned to getting Terry back, Sébastien is however well aware that for his dog, men are not his best friends. “He is hidden or he flees quickly if he is found or if another dog approaches him… We see him less and less, he walks around almost exclusively at night at the moment. The last time we saw him, he was near Remouchamps, I have the impression that he wants to stay in the region now“.

Gwenaël, Sébastien’s friend, confirms the presence of the dog in the area: “I saw him myself at Remouchamps last November and more recently, in April, at Queue-du-bois!”. “He is not afraid”, adds Sebastian. “Only, he will do everything to avoid getting caught!

His anxieties may be the reason for this flight

As Gwenaël explains, Terry was imprisoned in a dodgy kennel in Spain. It is therefore possible that this not very happy past could have an effect on his personality. “A dog, just like a human, can have certain phobias that cause him to run away from home. If he does not return, it is because he fears that the factor that triggered his anxiety will still be there when he returns”explains VétoStore, a consulting site specializing in pets.

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Given the difficult living conditions this dog has experienced in the past, he must have run away out of fear.“, confirms Adeline Westerling, animal behaviorist. “CWhat I can say, without knowing this dog personally, is that he has an extremely developed survival instinct. A year in nature, these are immense adaptive capacities”.

Adeline explains that if it is still reported, we must continue the search. “I would continue the search relentlessly! If he fled after 3 weeks and he hasn’t managed to return, it may be because he didn’t know the area enough yet… A dog, especially when he has experienced complicated situations before, always wants to come back to his master“.

Greyhounds are rather fond of this kind of ride. In January, in France, a greyhound had played cat and mouse with his masters for 3 weeks. He had ended up being caught, but with 5 kilos less under his skin. Last December, a friend of Sébastien had the same problem: his Spanish greyhound ran away and still hasn’t come back.

If you meet Terry in the Liège region or elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact Sébastien at this number: 0471/28.92.86