he hits firefighters, then escapes from the hospital

Justin Boche reported yesterday that a man was arrested in Thizy (Rhône) for attacking firefighters, insulting police officers, and attempting to flee from the hospital he was taken to. The firefighters and police officers involved have since filed a complaint.

According to Le Figaro Lyon, the firefighters were called to the scene to assist a person who was not responding to calls. Upon arrival, they encountered a very excited 31-year-old male who struck one of the firefighters on the helmet and punched another who was examining him. The suspect was taken to the hospital, but he escaped and damaged a hospital center vehicle by throwing a security barrier over it. He was eventually arrested by the police, but not before insulting and spitting on them.

The firefighters and police officers have filed a complaint, and the suspect has been placed in police custody. He has admitted to the facts and was presented to the prosecutor’s office on Tuesday. He is now under judicial supervision and has been given a ban on frequenting drinking establishments, as well as an obligation to respond to summonses. His judgment will be made next July.