“He is part of my life, and I can talk about it wherever and however I want”: Gerard Piqué’s ex, Núria Tomás feels pressured to speak and alleges that she did not know about Shakira’s separation | People | Entertainment

The news of the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué strangely coincided with the announcement of the ex-girlfriend of the Barcelona player, Núria Tomás. The woman, who was her partner and who left when she fell in love with the Colombian singer, reappeared 12 years later promoting the documentary of her life.

With a life that includes a husband and two children – one newborn -, the Spanish woman can be seen happy in her stage as a mother, episodes that she will tell in the story that she will share with the public that feels infected to meet her.

After this revelation, the young mother experienced a whirlwind of reactions from the media and social networks, which insisted on interpreting her departure as a preamble to publicizing her days with her ex-boyfriend, the member of the Iberian country’s national team. .

Gerard Piqué’s ex-girlfriend clarifies the version of his documentary

The life of Shakira and Piqué has become a story that no one expected and that now the media seek to decipher in all its details. In this outcome, Núria Tomás came to light when she from her Instagram account amazed more than one, revealing that she had a documentary about her life.

Immediately, the public related his words to the Barça player. “There are thousands of stories and this is mine. I open the doors of my house, my family, my day to day and everything that has led me to feel the way I feel today, at my best moment, “the young woman wrote in the legend of the promotional video.

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The controversy surrounded the promotion and the girl quickly became a trend in the networks, with such a message that many fans of Shakira and Piqué filled with speculation, detailed El Tiempo.

After those words, Núria Tomás continues in the eye of the hurricane by interfering “indirectly” in the scandal of the famous athlete, accused of being unfaithful to his wife. And after a week of a lot of information about the couple’s separation, she goes out to talk about what motivated her to take out the documentary about her in the middle of this moment that her ex is going through.

Aware of the expectation generated, the 34-year-old clarified that the launch of “A story among thousands” referred to the situation she experienced at 21, and other separations, as well as her life as a mother.

“Something happened to me that totally changed my life. I always say that part of my innocence stayed there. I started to be another, ”she said in the video that went viral and that everyone pointed out that she was talking about Gerard Piqué.

He only talks about Piqué in “2 minutes”

Now, and in another video clip, Núria took the floor and claimed that she received harassment on her networks and that is why she dared to break the silence.

“It is very good to be silent but (…) this time I have not handled it as well. It has been a harassment and total demolition to my phone. (…) To the 16,000 new followers that I have had this last week, just tell you that if you have come to this account because they have sold you that I have made a series in which I talk about a relationship that I had 12 years ago, do not buy it, because you are going to be disappointed, ”he said at the beginning of his video.

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The mother of two, clarified that her documentary has nothing to do with the couple she had in the past, referring to Piqué. However, she later pointed out that she only talks about that relationship for 2 minutes and in a positive way.

“I speak for two minutes, in the first chapter, within a context in which I also speak of other ex-partners that affected me a lot. (…) He is part of my life, and I can talk about it where he wants and how he wants. I have never done it and what I say in that chapter is very pleasant. If you’re looking for gossip, there isn’t.”

With this, he meant that it will not give rise to controversy and gossip about what happened between Piqué and her, so he pointed out that they would not find those episodes in his documentary.

Regarding the production that has already begun, she indicated that it is a material dedicated to women and mother entrepreneurs, which began late due to the impossibility of reviewing the contents. At the same time, she justified that the release of this material was a simple coincidence, since she was not aware of the couple’s crisis that her ex is going through.

“It has coincided with the news of my ex-partner, which I did not even know. (…) As my father says, what they say cannot be avoided, but it can be avoided if it is true, ”he said to close the message. (E)

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