“He is under observation”, an accident on the Island of the famous: urgent intervention by doctors

One of the protagonists of L’Isola dei Famosi 2022, was absent in the last episode of the reality show due to a serious health problem, the intervention of doctors was necessary. But what happened? Let’s find out.

The Island of the Famous, Ilary Blasi – Bedquotidiano.it

As you know, life as a castaway is not easy at all, the challenges of L’Isola dei Famosi always put the competitors to the test, both physically and mentally. During their journey, accidents can happen, and that’s exactly what happened to one of the protagonists who is now under observation: let’s find out what happened in detail.

The Island of the Famous, the terrible announcement live

Already in recent days, the most attentive viewers had noticed that a castaway was missing from the call in the previous daytime and now the same competitor did not take part in the episode of L’Isola dei Famosi on Monday 9 May.

But did you understand who we are talking about? It is about Blind. The last live broadcast began with an announcement from Alvin regarding the health condition and the reason for the absence of the participant. The young rapper was not well: let’s find out in detail what happened.

The Island of the Famous, Blind
The Island of the Famous, Blind – Bedquotidiano.it

Blind under observation: what happened

The May 9 episode began with an important communication from Alvin. The correspondent explained that Blind is not going through easy days and for this reason he is under the supervision of a doctor:

“Since yesterday he has been in our infirmary, he has not been well these days and the illness is due to a skin infection, I spoke to the doctors and they prefer to keep him away from the sun and salt water for three days (..) L ‘I met him personally yesterday and he told me he was sorry for that ”.

Obviously it is nothing serious, in fact, it could return to Palapa on Friday 13 May in the next episode. His sudden disappearance it had alarmed numerous viewers, but fortunately Alvin’s communication calmed the audience at home.

In recent days, several users on the web had complained about the lack of attention on Blind by the authors, in fact, on Twitter we read: “He had hurt his foot I think. But in any case, it is so important for the authors that they do not even let the writing underneath go through saying that in the infirmary as for the others “.

We hope that the young man will be able to return to his adventure companions as soon as possible, even if life as a castaway is not easy at all and this experience is putting him to the test.