He killed his wife and threw her into a septic tank. The body was found quite by accident after 37 years

He stabbed the girl 46 years ago. The family tree has now revealed the killer, the police were shocked by the name

The world only learned that it was a cruel lie in July 2019, when Venables’ remains were discovered by the new owners of the farm after the old farmer moved out. The new tenants wanted to fix the old septic tank that was part of the farm. Quite by accident, they came across the remains of clothing, a tuft of human hair and a human skull.

Terrible find at the bottom of the septic tank

The terrible truth was then confirmed by the results of the tests, which proved that the remains really belonged to Venables. It was also proven that she was killed on the day of her disappearance. While her friends and relatives worried about her for years and searched the streets for a familiar face, Brenda was lying at the bottom of the septic tank the whole time.

Today, eighty-nine-year-old David Venables was immediately charged with murder by criminal investigators. During the trial, it was revealed that the farmer had killed his wife because of an affair with another woman. His lover at the time was Lorraine Styles, his mother’s carer.

Although the defense tried to argue that the act was done under the influence, the judge rejected this claim. According to her verdict, the process of preserving the body must have required a considerable amount of cold-blooded planning. “The complete lack of respect for your wife is evident in your decision to dispose of the body in a septic tank. What you have done to her body is disgusting and repulsive,” Judge Justice Tipples said towards the defendant this week.

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According to her, Venables killed his then-wife out of greed and selfishness. “I’m sure you killed her to remove her from your life and avoid the complications she could have caused you in a possible divorce,” the judge said.

In the end, the jury took four days and a total of roughly 16 hours of clear time to convict Venables of his wife’s murder. Based on the jury’s decision, the judge decided on Wednesday that the murderer will serve a minimum of 18 years, which in the case of an almost ninety-year-old man almost certainly means life.

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According to their statements, the relatives of the murdered women are devastated by the development of the case after Wednesday’s verdict. “We feel absolute horror and despair that Brenda has indeed been murdered. She didn’t hurt anyone, she was a gentle and quiet woman,” they commented.

Even at the time of the woman’s disappearance, her elderly parents did not give up hope that their daughter would return to them. “Brenda’s father watched the garden path all his life in the hope that Brenda would come back,” the relatives said, adding that he would never forgive David Venables for what he did to Brenda or for never telling the truth.