He killed two cousins ​​with the SUV, sentenced to 9 years in prison – Chronicle


The Ragusa Gup, Ivano Infarinato, sentenced Rosario Greco to nine years in prison, the man who on July 11 of last year, driving his SUV, overwhelmed and killed the two cousins ​​Alessio and Simone D’Alessio, while playing outside the front door. The car was also confiscated from Greco. Compensation for the municipality of Vittoria, which had become a civil party, will instead take place separately with a new civil judgment.

At the time of the sentence, Greco was not in the courtroom, where the parents of the two children and the uncles were present. The accused was accused of multiple street homicide aggravated by the psychophysical alteration due to the use of alcohol and drugs and in the hearing of May 19 the prosecutor Fabio D’Anna had asked for his 10-year sentence. The man for choosing the abbreviated rite was able to count on a reduction of the sentence that based on the sentence of the Gup of the Court of Ragusa Ivano Infarinato started from a sentence of 13 years and six months and then arrived at the final sentence of nine years .

“The judge made a further discount on the prosecutor’s request. These are not the penalties that apply to a criminal. We would have expected a more severe sentence”, commented Tony D’Antonio, Simone’s father, one of the two cousins ​​dead.


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