He lasted just a month in office: Chelsea leader was accused of sexual harassment

Manager Damian Willoughby’s career at English club Chelsea lasted just a month after he was sacked over sexual harassment allegations. against the financial agent Catalina Kim.

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, the events occurred before Willoughby started working at the club. However, Kim alerted Tom Glick, Chelsea’s business president, of what had happened, of the harassment, and the entity decided to dispense with the services of the senior executive.

“Chelsea confirm that they have terminated the employment of Chief Commercial Officer Damian Willoughby with immediate effect. Evidence of inappropriate messages sent by Mr Willoughby, prior to his appointment to Chelsea FC earlier this month, has recently been provided and investigated by the Club.” a fountain from the club to the morning.

“While they were posted prior to their employment at the Club, such behavior is absolutely against the working environment and corporate culture being established by the new ownership of the Club,” added the note sent from Stamford Bridge.


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